Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Awesomeness of Benny

Benny and Sadie have been watching Ratatouille. This was a movie that didn't particularly delight them in the theater. I remember thinking that the beautiful imagery of it was lost on them, and that it was another movie with kind of sophisticated adult themes -- about having confidence to step outside your comfort zone, or about believing in someone in spite of their unlikely exterior, or about giving credit where credit is due, or something.

Turns out, now that they have the DVD, they just like the funny rats. Yay!

Benny has been trying to make a chef's hat, or "Toque" as he says, for Sadie. He yearns for her to wear a chef's hat of his creation, and toodle around her little toy kitchen with the Folkmanis rat puppet inside her hat. This dream of the Folkmanis puppet inside Sadie's hat playing "little chef" has resulted in several mishaps, including one of his ears being burned half off in the toaster oven (the puppet's ear, not Benny's) and one chase scene involving Sadie, Benny, and a paper toque with Benny saying "I just want to tape it on her head!"

I scanned in his drawings for the most recent version of the toque. The outside has the lines on it, and the little door. The inside is furnished.

The rat has hung a picture of himself (labelled "Me") and his buddy (labelled "Sadie") although he seems to have taped the labels to the wall. He also has a pretty nice tufted leather sofa! Oh, I do love Benny so much.


  1. Anonymous12:02 PM

    I love him, too. He's the greatest little boy who ever lived.

  2. "Awesomeness" is true!!