Friday, January 04, 2008

Santa is Still Totally Real

We took Benny's bowling ball in to Dick's Sporting Goods to get holes drilled in it. It's a good thing that Santa shops at Dick's Sporting Goods, because they only drill holes in balls that were purchased there. It's a good thing!

Here's Benny's letter to Santa this year. Some of this will be easier to understand if you know that Benny found a quarter and a nickel on the floor a few minutes before he wrote the letter. That's called fortuitous!


Dear Santa,
Thank you for all these gifts. I'm going to pay you "30c" for this joy! Please help yourself to the cokies on the "Christmas platle. Mery Christmas! Sighned: Benny & Sadie. Wisconsin Marshfield N. Peach St.


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  1. Don't you love how they have no idea about the value of money at this age?