Saturday, March 19, 2011

Pendragon Assignments 490 AD

Hello Sir Knights!

It's time to write a letter home, to let your families know what's going on with your careers. You can choose to ask for advice, assistance, company, wives, items, or information. You can choose to send money, information, instructions, news, or items along with your letter.

In addition to the mail you are sending, you have also received a piece of mail.


The envelope is addressed to Sir Gwanon, but inside the letter reads thus:

Respected Lady Knight,

We have received your request to pledge your service with the Order of the Hatchet. We pledge in turn to keep our correspondence discreet, even if you should not decide to join our ranks. In order to know more about you, we ask that you choose one of the Nine Female Worthies that you respect the most, and tell us why. You may find out more about them on the Merlinternet.

  1. Lucretia
    Wife of Brutus, her suicide prompted the overthrow of the Roman monarchy in 510 BC.
  2. Veturia
    Mother of Coriolanus, she persuaded her son to stop fighting on the side of the Volscians, Rome's enemies.
  3. Verginia
    A beautiful plebian Roman girl whose father killed her to prevent one of the Decemviri (corrupt leaders of the government) from enslaving her. Her death prompted the overthrow of the government and the reestablishment of the Roman Republic.
  4. Esther
    Queen from the Book of Esther, saved the Jewish people in exile from a plot to destroy them.
  5. Judith
    Jewish heroine who killed the Assyrian general Holophernes after getting him to trust her.
  6. Yael
    Heroine mentioned in Judges 4:17-22 as having killed Sisera, the chief of the Canaanites, after he took refuge in her tent.
  7. St Helena
    Mother of Constantine the Great, according to legend found the True Cross in Jerusalem.
  8. St Briget of Sweden
    Had visions of Christ, wrote the prayers "The Fifteen Oes" which were included in the Book of Hours.
  9. St Elisabeth of Hungary
    Followed the beliefs of St. Francis of Assisi, built a hospital, once turned bread into roses to hide the fact that she was feeding the poor in secret.
When you have chosen the worthy you feel most deserves your respect, please respond, and we will be, discreetly, in touch.

Your future allies,
The Order of the Hatchet


Sir Knight, Gwair Son of Aeron of Gorre, Respected Countryman,

Word of your deeds has reached far into the northern reaches of Briton, and of course your father has made known your progress in chivalry and battle. As such a valorous knight would be welcome in our ranks, you are invited to join the ORDER OF THE GOLDEN APPLE. The Order of the Golden Apple was formed by the King of Malahaut to honor members of his own or neighboring
lands who distinguished themselves. Members believe that they have an obligation to live chivalrously and to support each other against strangers and Saxons. Members must come from one of the Cumbrian or Northern kingdoms (Malahaut, Norgales, Nohaut, Lothian, Gorre, Strangore); or come from one of the northern Saxon lands (Sorestan, Deira). Members must never fight against each other for conquest or for love, including on opposing sides of a tournament. Members must support and succor each other beyond normal expectations.

As your father (a member of the order, did you know?) has vouched for you publicly, you have only to complete the following requirements to join our order of knights, should you so desire.

1. Submit a statement of loyalty to the northern kings, and swear always to defend the free north.
2. Define what you see to be the most dangerous threat from the kings in the south.
3. Provide an account of your most recent battle against the Saxons.

Looking forward to meeting you.

In trust,
Sir Hendrian, Knight to King Barant of Malahaut


Sir Talorc,

It is with Great Pride that I welcome you to the service of King Uther. You should know that some of the most valorous knights in service of the king, whatever their local liege, have banded together to create an order of brotherhood called The Lions of Logres. Our rules are simple: We never tell each other's secrets, wink at each other's women, or cut each other's throats. This does not include jousting, but decapitation in a jousting tournament against a fellow Lion will be held as highly suspect. We support and defend each other against all enemies, Saxon or otherwise, and unite in strength and honor in defending and promoting the interests of King Uther. If you wish to join our order, you must provide the following:

1. An account of your most recent battle against the Saxons, for our archives.
2. Tell what you like best about King Uther: His awesomeness or his superness?
3. Tell what you like least about the Saxons: Their dumbness or their meanness?

If there are any other knights in your knowledge that deserve to be part of the Lions of Logres, our doors are always open to the recommendations of a brother knight. Please respond quickly, as we are about to go to war in Cornwall, and the mail may be interrupted.

Sir Brastius


Sir Flann, you red devil,

Well it's been a few years since you murdered my dog. I have forgiven you, for what it is worth. I've heard from your father, who is still a fine squire, and very noble, thank you for asking, you've become a knight, in the service of King Uther. I am writing to invite you to apply, if you wish, to be a member of the Red Branch Knights. This is a fine old order of Irish fighters, dating back to the time our kinsmen fought in chariots. Lest you be tempted by some of these British knights and their brand new orders, still wet from their mother's wombs, know that the Red Branch of Ulster predates them by a thousand years, and when our shillelaghs are flying, the British are dying! Sorry, sorry, I got carried away. Of course we are all united under our common enemy, the Saxons. Or was it the Picts? Or the Romans. Can't remember. Anyway, join the Red Branch of Ulster straightaway, and come back to visit Ireland as soon as you can.

In order to join, you must answer the following questions:

1. What is a shillelagh?
2. Who is Cuculainn (besides the finest Red Branch commander in the history of Ireland)?
3. Where does your loyalty lie?

Send me the answers quick, and I'll send you back some news from your homeland. The Irish must fight together! Stay true to your roots.

Sir Hort



1. Write to your father.
2. Respond to the invitation to knightly orders. Sarah and Benny can do research on their orders if they want -- they are real. Stephen and Jacob's are invented to go with our game, but if they really want to do research, they can research chivalric orders in general:
3. Let me know how the reading is going and where you are in the book.

Jacob specifically: Figure out how to run a battle.
Benny specifically: Do your Mabinogion work.