Sunday, July 20, 2008

Treasure Island Homeschool Seminar: Literary Lesson Plans and Nautical Worksheets

It's here! The Treasure Island unit study you've been staying up nights longing for! Ready to download and use in your homeschool family, your co-op, or even your regular old classroom! Get out your eye patch and saw off your leg -- it's time to launch the Hispaniola and go search for Captain Flint's lost cache of Spanish gold! Since the book itself is so full of pirates being skewered and shot in their pursuit of financial gain, I'm giving away the lessons for free. Free is the new ARRRRRGHHHH!

This printable 35-page PDF includes twelve lessons to take you and your student through Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson. You'll learn ancillary skills like boxing the compass, reading signal flags, and telling time with ship's bells. Write your own pirate story, make an oilskin treasure map, and learn the songs from the novel. Six vocabulary worksheets, one for each section of the book, introduce nautical terms like hawser and capstan along with regular old words like incongruous and dexterity. Click right here to get the PDF from Google docs. No charge.

Where do you get it? The link again: Treasure Island: A Piratey Literature Seminar for Kids

This seminar was written for use in our homeschooling co-op and classroom-tested on a group of eight 6-9 year old boys. They approved of it, especially the knot-tying, the skits, and the shouting "Yo Ho HO."

Enjoy! Send me pictures! Long John Silver awaits!


  1. Anonymous11:12 AM

    Remarkable creativity, intelligence, and also, generosity in evidence here.

  2. This is great!! We tried to read it last year and it was too hard for our boys. We ought to try again sometime this year! I've bookmarked this for "later," so please don't delete your post! :]

  3. Awesome! Thank you so much! You are a gem!

  4. Anonymous11:52 AM

    We haven't read Treasure Island, yet.
    Thanks for making this available.
    I found you at The Erskine Family

    Thanks Again,

  5. Anonymous4:14 AM

    tried t open this filee ffrom freebie of the day and kept rreading 'this file is damaged and cannot be repaired" so came to the site and same thing happened on loading a PDF filee here... tried to load the older lesson plans but would not access lesson 4 nor 11 nor 12..... not certain where to from here, but lookeed to be an interesting resource


  6. Hi Pamela! Welcome to the blog. :) If you like, I can try sending you an email with the PDF attached. I also don't mind sending you the Publisher file. Let me know your email address and I'll send it along.

    Mine is: jackets at rpsd dot com

  7. Anonymous12:21 AM

    This is pure awesome. Thank you for making this resource available! My 7 year old has read Treasure Island Twice, and I've read it to her once. It's one of her favorite books. Now we're going to go through it again, but with your resource guide. Very exciting!

    I just started a blog myself (, which will include homeschool stuff in the mix, and your work on this inspires me to do something similar. Thank you!

  8. I wanted to download this so badly. We will be starting to read Treasure Island in October and this study guide looked perfect for our family. However, when I tried to download it from freebieoftheday I also got errors that the file was damaged and the file wouldn't open. Additionally, when I tried to download it from here the same thing happened. I don't know if it's allowed or not, but if there is anyway someone could email it to me I would be eternally grateful.

  9. wow! Thank you so much for putting all of this together and posting it! My son picked up Treasure Island at our library's used book sale on Friday and read the whole book that same day. He's totally in love with it. It will be so much fun to add this to our homeschool day! (I tried to download it from Homeschool Freebie of the Day on Friday but I kept getting errors)

    Thanks again!

  10. Thank you! Saving this for future use.

  11. Susan5:05 AM

    Excellent resource. Please add my e-mail address to get your blog. Susan

  12. Glad to have found you from Homeschool Freebieoftheday! Thanks for your creative work shared for free! This will be a wonderful unit study - even for my girls!

  13. Anonymous1:35 PM

    Thank you ~ I was just trying to decide a subject for a two week unit study that we are planning on starting next week. This is great ~ I already own a couple copies (with different illustrators) of Treasure Island, but we have never read it! This will be our study!! I'm really excited! Can I ask where did you get the instructions for the ships that the boys were making in the picture? I would love to do that with my kids. If you wouldn't mind sharing the directions or link with directions to make this I would really appreciate it.
    Angie P.

  14. Thanks so much for offering this. :) I am a homeschooling mom too, and I am always glad to find fun resources like this one to use with my kids. I learned about this from Homeschool Radio Shows.

  15. Here from Homeschool Freebie of the Day. Thanks so much for sharing your hard work!

  16. Found your blog via Homeschool Freebie of the Day- We started our own Pirate study yesterday and the kids are loving it!
    I just realized today you are in the Hampton Roads area- so am I, and our blog names are so similar (mine is Little White Schoolhouse) how funny!

  17. Tisha C.4:31 PM

    Dear Lydia,

    I was searching online to find supplemental materials for Treasure Island. I was so pleased to find your website! I love your creativity!

    Is your Treasure Island seminar still available? I tried to download the seminar; however, when I clicked on the links, I received an "Oops! Page Not Found" message.

    I would love to use your materials with my two boys, if you are still making them available.

    Thank you so much!

    Tisha C.

  18. Lydia8:59 PM

    Hi Tisha! I am having server issues, but I can email you the PDF if you'd like it -- my email is lydianetzer at gmail if you want to send me an email and I'll attach it to the reply!


  19. Aimee Hazel2:27 PM

    Hi Lydia! I am officially new to the homeschooling adventure and my daughter bought herself the book Treasure Island the other day. My mother in law homeschooled my husband and said that I should look for a unit study for us while she reads it. I would love to use this but the site won't pull up. If you wouldn't mind emailing it to me my email is
    This whole concept of homeschooling is a bit overwhelming right now but we are just taking it day by day.
    Thanks for working so hard!

  20. Hi Lydia,

    Could you please email me the pdf document: It won't open for me!

    This looks like such a fun study - thanks for putting it together!

    Cindi Davis
    Suwanee, Georgia

  21. Lydia,

    Could I get a copy as well? I am homeschooling this year and have never taught English. I will email you. Thank you so much!

  22. Hi Lydia,
    I'm trying to click on the links for the worksheets without success. None of them seem to be working. I downloaded your unit study from Freebie of the Day some time ago and would like to use it next year for my 8 year old son's co-op class.
    Thanks so much.

  23. Stacy Engstrom10:32 AM

    I'm very interested in having this. When I click on the link I get a 404 page not found it no longer available?

  24. Hi! I just found your blog. . . not sure how. I love it! I see you have generously offered to email people the PDF do the treasure island seminar if they can't download it. Would you mind sending it to me? We just listened to the book and the kids were so enthralled with it that we decided to use it to do more fun learning. Thanks in advance, if you can. Misbachohana at yahoo.