Friday, July 25, 2008

Suzuki Summer Camp

Maybe someday we'll be brave enough to attempt a Suzuki Institute with both the children, but for now there's the Academy of Music's Suzuki Camp. This year Sadie was able to go too:

She was, in fact, the tiniest one:

She was very excited to get her camp t-shirt and even submitted to the indignity of wearing PANTS in order to match the rest of the kids and wear her t-shirt today for the final show.

The teachers are very patient with Benny's behavior. With Sadie, they don't have to work so hard. For every Netzer that drives you insane but flies through the material, there's another Netzer that delights you with her model behavior but moves through the material at an apathetic pace. Something for everyone. Do you want to struggle with getting the kid to play or getting the kid to stop playing?

Summer camp is over for this year. We did Hurrah Players, Princess Dance Camp, Young Chef's Academy, and Suzuki Violin Camp. It's been a long few weeks for these homeschooled children who aren't accustomed to dealing with so many other people, so much structure. It was a learning experience for all of us.

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