Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A Grand Finale: Phi Bensa Zoe Academy

Well, the Porterfield family seems intent on moving away to the DC area. They're packed and planning to leave this weekend. Today we had our final meeting of the Phi Bensa Zoe Academy. It was good and sad.

Sadie and Phillip made bubble prints. You put dishwasher soap and tempera paint in a cup of water, slop it into a pie plate, and blow in it with straws. The pile of bubbles you can make is awesome in and of itself, but then you can also slap a piece of paper on top, and create strange prints that look like the surface of the moon. After we made the prints and they dried, we decorated them. Sadie is doing so well with her letters that she wanted to do words instead of a lunar colony. She did this:

I had to spell the words "Love" and "Together" for her, but she decided the words she was going to write, she correctly spelled "Mom" and "Dad" and she wrote all the letters.

Benny and Zoe finished their Latin book (Minimus) and took a big final quiz on all the material therein, which they both aced. Veronica had trophies for them. Benny's said "Bennimus Optimus Est" -- which is Latin for "Benny ROCKS!" Here he is with his trophy:

It's very, very sad that the Porterfields are leaving. Until summer, they are coming back down here one week out of each month so Veronica can do her consulting work and Phillip can have his group violin class. After that, they're moving back! At least, that's what I'm telling myself.

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  1. *sigh* It's moving season here at the largest U.S. Coast Guard active duty station (just thought I'd throw out some useless knowledge in case you ever wanted to impress anyone with knowing about Kodiak, Alaska). We are loosing friends left and right and it is breaking the kids' hearts. It will be our turn to go in a few months and we are sad for those friends that we are leaving behind.