Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sadie and the Heckler on CNN

UPDATE: Here's the link to the entire CNN video clip: Happy Hecklers

My mind is officially blown.

One of our home videos, "Sadie and the Heckler," which was posted on YouTube, was used in a CNN bit called Cheering and Jeering. This was an installment of a regular segment called Moost Unusual, reported by Jeanne Moos, during the CNN show called The Situation Room. Above is a picture of her posing next to a still on the TV. Below is the video itself.

The piece was about how the candidates handle heckling during their campaign stops, and reporter Jeanie Moost suggested they take an example from Sadie, who stands up for her "hooman rights." It was very cute -- they captioned the kids talking on big letters behind Sadie on the chalk board, slanted to look like it was written there, but since I don't have video of the CNN clip, I'll caption it here:

Phillip: She's a baby
Sadie: I'm not a baby, but-- I'm not a baby, I'm human.
Phillip: No.
Sadie: I am.
Phillip: You're not.
Sadie: I am, I am a human.
Phillip: No! You're a girl.

This is a very strange sensation -- seeing our little homeschool book club on CNN. I guess when you live on the internet, the moments of your life become resources and illustrations in this enormous common library. It was very exciting for the kids to see, and for us -- very surreal. The last thing the reporter said, kiddingly, was "Sadie for President!" So awesome.

UPDATE: The CNN video is up on their web site, and you can view it by clicking here.


  1. Did you guys know they were going to use it? That is just totally awesome!

  2. How neat!

    How did sadie feel about being on CNN?

  3. Anonymous8:52 AM

    Great! She'll be stunned when she sees this few years later!

  4. That is SO cool! Sadie is a dolly. lol And a supah-stah!! :)

  5. Oh, my goodness! When the reporter said, "Sadie For President", I cried and I'm not even her mom. Doesn't it feel good? Here's to raising world leaders! Or at least kids that know they are human. :)

  6. Lochmoor Mom3:07 PM

    How awesome!! I'll vote for Sadie for President! Love reading your blogs!

  7. I cracked up at that video when you first put it up. Sadie is adorable. Someone at CNN has good taste. :) Sadie for President! She's got my vote.

  8. That is soo cool! Sadie for President!!

  9. Anonymous6:38 PM

    Yeahhhhh... Go sadie....my little sister is going to be a president......woooohooooo!!!