Saturday, January 05, 2008

Raising Quality Nerds Since 1998

Sadie: Clifford Learning Activities
Benny: Zoo Tycoon

Please note that the diet Coke next to Sadie is not hers. At least, I don't think it started off as hers.


  1. he he he. very cute, and very familiar. Over here we have as many computers as we have people. *S* and even the 3 year old runs one. It's loads of fun!

  2. We're right with you in raising the next generation of nerds. Computers outnumber humans in our household. My other half uses 4 all on his own. Got to have the Apple, the PC, the Linux machine and the Eee PC from Asus. The chicks and I stick to our iBooks, but I can see that Ben is starting to want to experiment with OS's. I'm working on keeping that as bay as long as I can.

  3. Is this pic at your house? Im so envious if it is. What a lvely computer center for the kids!