Friday, January 18, 2008

Deciphering Benny's Version of Sequencing

The language arts workbook pages we've been doing have now come around to "sequencing," which came right after "context clues" and before "main idea." Or something. I'm not paying an entirely huge amount of attention to this particular workbook except that I get him to do some of it most days and it seems to be teaching him things.

Anyway, here's his sequencing workbook for today. There's a series of five groups of three. Each group describes a sequence of events. In each group, one event in the sequence is missing. The directions were to write a sentence that makes sense in the sequence. So, the question is this: can you determine which is Benny's sentence? I mean, ideally, you wouldn't, right? Because it would all just make so much glittering, flawless SENSE. But see if you can:

1. The clouds grew very dark, and we could hear thunder.
2. All of a sudden, the wind started to blow very hard.
3. The thunder outside blew up our house.

1. The volleyball game was very boring at first.
2. Then a player threw the ball so high.
3. The home crowd cheered so loudly that I had to cover my ears.

1. Jim, Harry, and Timmy had work to do.
2. The boys gathered all the garden tools and put them in the wheelbarrow.
3. "Well, it was hard work, but we got it done, boys!" said Jim.

1. The teacher gave us our homework assignment early in the day.
2. Since the school assembly had to be cancelled, we had an extra study hall.
3. They call it, "Study Hall II."

1. Our cat has been acting very strange lately.
2. We heard unusual noises coming from the hall closet.
3. We looked but it was... an owl.

Hehehe. I didn't correct any of his little tangential meanderings. I never do, unless they're in direct defiance of the instructions. I mean, it could have been an owl, right? I'm trying, trying, trying never to say the words, "This is how they want you to answer." Plenty of time to prep for the SAT later. For now, let it be an owl.


  1. Anonymous8:49 PM

    Totally could have been an owl. Those workbook writers don't know everything.

    "They call it, "Study Hall II."

    The Sequel. :)

  2. Anonymous10:06 PM

    Nt favorite is Study Hall II. Hilarious.

  3. Creative writing! He did great! :)