Saturday, January 19, 2008

Suggestion for Barack Obama

Some gruesomely low person called a bunch of people in Nevada referring to Barack Hussein Obama, obviously trying to draw a firm line in black crayon between Barack and Saddam.
I think he should retaliate by embracing this trend. Dig out everybody's middle name and paste it onto their shirt fronts. Draw attention to the absurdity of this tactic. Please, please, let one of the republicans have a middle name like Dicky or Frances!

One of Obama's strongest assets is his sense of humor and his easy way of joking around with the press. I suggest that in some high profile speech this week, he should mention all the other candidates only by their full names: beginning, middle, last. He could refer to "John Sidney McCain" and "Willard Mitt Romney." Not everyone could do this without seeming snitty and small, but I know Obama could turn it into a winking joke, so that any time anyone had the audacity to say "Barack Hussein Obama" they would be met with only a snicker.

Better yet... he could jokingly, winkingly give everyone the middle name "Hussein."
Hillary Hussein Clinton. John Hussein Edwards. Fred Hussein Thompson.

Hey, who could take umbrage? Hussein is a very common name in some cultures. If we're all so beautifully tolerant and it doesn't matter what name you have, then it doesn't matter, right? If it's not a hindrance, it's not a hindrance right? We are all Marshall. We are all Barack Hussein Obama.

I'm ashamed for whoever made those calls. I can't imagine they were very effective. Do you really think someone would get off the phone, having planned to vote for Obama, and switch to another candidate because the word Hussein had just vibrated their inner ears in just the right way? I don't know. I respect Obama and Clinton both, for weathering all of this redneck bullshit that washes over them because of their race or gender.

Maybe it should just be ignored. I don't know that either. He might get the nomination. If his critics are right and the republicans are going to drag out this kind of inane tactic in the GE, then I have absolute faith he could play it off in a way that would make whoever did this seem ridiculous and wormlike, and himself seem buoyant and transcendent.


  1. Anonymous10:57 PM

    Great point!

    Amazing that I couldn't find anyone of your 40 commentators who checked. (And the person who said HRC is already using hers is silly...everyone knows the R ain't for her middle name!)

    Somehow "Diane" sounds really girly to me when put next to Hillary...!

    Here's my list:
    Rudolph William Louis Giuliani!
    John Sidney McCain III!
    Michael Dale Huckabee!
    Freddie Dalton Thompson (serious, this is on his birth certificate!)
    Willard Mitt Romney!

  2. Anonymous10:59 PM

    Btw, I commented here b/c i don't have a Daily Kos account...but do post these in defense of your point... I mean really, what kind of credibility would Freddie Dalton Thompson have?

    From now on, I'm going to call her Hillary Diane Clinton. Thanks!

  3. Anonymous10:19 PM

    Better still, and I cannot believe no one has thought of this, let each one of us sign off with a new middle name "Hussein" from now until inauguration day.

    T-shits, whatever.

    K. Hussein Wong