Friday, January 25, 2008

Sadie the Rabbit Farmer

We got this dress at a thrift store for three dollars. Sadie wore it for three straight days. Here she is wearing it to go shopping for collard and turnip greens for the illustrious rabbit, Giselle.

We have located a couple of prime thrift stores, fed by prime neighborhoods, where fancy dresses and bags of Polly Pocket stuff can be found regularly. When you buy a fancy dress at a thrift store for three dollars, you don't care if she wears it to dig in the mud, paint pictures, roll around with the dog, eat spaghetti. Thrift store fancy dresses are awesome.


  1. I'm drooling over the thought of going to a thrift store. Let the countdown to civilization begin!

    Sadie looks fabulous, and I will have to be certain Megan never sees that picture, or she will be coveting both the dress and having a rabbit named Giselle. Which would be okay, if Patrick Dempsey came with it.

  2. Darling little dress.