Saturday, January 19, 2008

Homeschooling on Saturday

Cruel, ain't we?

Benny is making a shortbread pizza that he found in his cookbook from Rowena's Tea Room. The shortbread pizza is easy to make. Form your shortbread dough into a pizza shape, then spread jam around on it and litter it with fruit while still warm. I tried to convince him that bananas would make good pepperoni, but he decided to make some pears be green peppers. Whatevs!

Sadie and I rehabilitated a Barbie we found at a thrift store yesterday. Her dress was torn and her face was dirty, but I had a feeling she was a collectible and she is:

She's missing her shawl thingy, but Sadie likes her anyway. We sewed her dress back together and cleaned her face and body. Now she's all purdy again.

Benny did a spelling test at Denny's this morning. Dan also took it. Here's Benny taking a break from a little post-pancake DS gaming in order to grade Dan's test. Grading it was easy -- all answers took some form of the word "bucket." Sadie did her letter practice at the table at Denny's too -- working on N and M and telling the difference.

Finally, we got our caterpillars today for our butterfly garden thingamajigger that Grammy gave Benny for Christmas.

I hope they're not cold and dead. It's pretty cold here. Time will tell, right? Benny is pretty excited. He's throwing them a shortbread pizza party:

Benny set the table. I guess I'm having wine -- awesome. That'll help me cope with the fact that it's SNOWING. Gah.


  1. What a lovely post. I love to see all the activities the kids are doing. I cant wait to hear the progress on the caterpillars!

  2. I totally enjoyed that post (love the activities) and the wine glass comment - funny! :)

    Thanks for visiting My Meandering Mind through Blog365. :)