Monday, January 14, 2008

Sadie is Four

She became four yesterday at 12:30PM. How could she be four?

Here she is in the van after we picked up her birthday balloons:

She had a beautiful birthday, from picking out a cake to choosing balloons to a princess party with our closest family and friends, and the presents: princess, Barbie, pink, sparkle, lip gloss, ruffles, rosebuds, tulle, fashion, and stuff like that.

I love her so much. Yesterday I looked back at some of the pictures of her, from her old blog which covered my pregnancy and her first year. When I look at her from the side, from very close to her face, I can still see that little baby child with the round eye and the round perfet plastic cheeks. But her bone structure is changing, or becoming more obvious, and her legs are growing up like little stalks. She's saying "Cinderella" with four proper syllables, instead of saying, "Shinnawa." It's all changing, and the baby things are going away. Good things are coming, though. See?


  1. My daughter just turned 4 on the 5th of January - where does the time go? She is adorable!

  2. Happy Birthday, Sadie from Ben, Shira and their mommy