Sunday, January 06, 2008

Lucy's Cookies: No Wheat, No Dairy, No Problem

Dr. Lucy Gibney is a friend of mine. I met her at church. Sadie and her son are in the same Sunday school class, and for months now she's been bringing in special cookies for their snack, to accommodate his food allergies. Now, I don't know about you, but when I hear "Wheat free cookies! Dairy free cookies!" I am not breaking my ankles to run over and get a sample. However, these cookies are really very great. I could never tell the difference between these and any other delicious homemade cookies. Go check out these gluten free cookies if you're in the mood for a snack and your allergies prevent you from patronizing the Keebler elves.

Lucy's Foods: Gluten Free and Dairy Free Cookies

These are available now in Norfolk at the Organic Food Depot and other stores, and will soon be in all Farm Fresh locations. Go Lucy!


  1. Ben particularly likes the sugar cookies and Shira the chocolate chip ones. I like that we're supporting a local business when we buy them. I just worry about the oats. I know that oats are theoretically ok for celiacs, but even so, there is a half cup a day limit which means to me that they are perhaps not the best things for us. I wish Dr Lucy would make oat free cookies. problem is, that they wouldn't taste any good without the oats.

  2. When will she branch out to some Alaskan locations? :)

    I'm lactose intolerant, I'd love a good cookie that I don't have to make myself. (powdered milk seems to be creeping itsway into even the healthiest of health foods, ugg).

  3. Anonymous2:26 PM

    Hi to Shez and Mary,

    Just for you, my cookies are make without dairy and gluten. I don't use animal milk of any kind or form. And, my oats are tested and certified "gluten free". They come from a rare gluten free grower/processor.

    Of note, a serving of 4 of my oatmeal or chocolate chip cookies has less than 1/6 cup oats. And, 4 sugar or cinnamon cookies has less than 1/12 cup oats. I hope this info helps.

    And, by the way, the cookies are also made without eggs, peanuts and tree nuts. How's that for great cookies!?

    Regarding Alaska, we'll ship! Here's a link to our webstore

    Feel free to share our web info with your local grocer. We would love to talk with him or her about shipping for the shelves.

    Best to you both, and anyone how's looking for a safe, healthy cookie. We truly appreciate your business.


  4. Lucy, Ben has had the sugar cookies every day for two weeks and for 10 days he's had horrid leg pains. He had them when he ate gluten and they resolved when he went off gluten. I worry that the oats is the problem. We all had problems during Pesach with the gluten free, oats matzah. We've discussed not eating your wondrous cookies for 2 weeks to see if his leg pain resolves. On one hand I hope it isn't something in the cookies because they are so delish, but on the other, if it isn't then I have to go and do more searching.

    Is there anyway to make the cookies soy free? LOL

    We buy ours from Jim and Genny at the Organic Food Depot on Granby St. I'll ask Gene Walters to start stocking them as well.

  5. Anonymous3:24 PM


    I sure hope it's not the gluten-free oats. They are part of the wonderful taste and texture of our cookies!! Soy is a real contributor too.

    We will create more delicious items in the future. Maybe those will be without oats and soy! Until then, I hope you and Ben and your entire family can continue to enjoy the cookies.

    Best to you.


  6. There's a great raw Chocolate Chip Cookie from SunPower Natural, as well as Cinnamon & Fruit Burst, that are wheat-free, dairy-free, low glycemic, organic, and vegan

    I love them: