Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Caterpillars to Chrysalides

Grammy gave Benny a butterfly house for Christmas, and we sent away for the caterpillars to inhabit it. They arrived very tiny, and then grew very large, all without leaving their little food-filled jar. I'm not going to say it wasn't kind of gross to see them eating, pooping, and growing, all in a very small space. But it was also kind of amazing because at times we felt like we could almost see them getting bigger if we watched for 5 minutes straight. Now they are all chrysalides, and we will move them into their new mesh house, and wait for them to turn into monkeys.

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  1. Hey we got a Butterfly Habitat in our Moving Beyond the Page curriculum! I wonder if we can get our live varmints shipped to Canada? LOL If not, I'll have them shipped to the U.S. and run over there and get them. I, uh, can't wait.