Monday, March 24, 2008

Reading Questions and Vocabulary for Boba Fett #2: Crossfire

Don't judge me. This isn't what it looks like! I have an eight-year-old son who has suddenly become deeply entranced with Star Wars. So, he is reading this Boba Fett series, alright? He doesn't like fiction as a category, and I just go with whatever captures his imagination. Right now he is building Lego Star Wars with great vigor and obsession, and he wants to read about Star Wars too. He loves this series, and I can't argue -- they are written by the Hugo and Nebula award-winning SF author Terry Bisson. So put down your eyebrows. I read them before he does, and they're good stories.

Anyway, internet, I have to tell you that instead of just letting my little boy joyfully read these books, I have written some reading comprehension questions for these Boba Fett novels. Yes, I just heard all my unschooling readers thump their heads in irritation! Benny actually asks me for questions because he's proud to be reading fiction on his own again, and it helps me know that he's following the story, not just enjoying the words "droid" and "blaster." Just in case anyone else happens to be in the same situation I'm in, and just in case anyone else needs to somehow label this as schoolwork or even just find out if the kid is really grasping what's going on as he whips through these books, I thought I'd share. Here is a question for every chapter:

1. Who taught Boba the lesson "First things first!"?
2. What are the count's two names?
3. What two things does Boba own?
4. What is special about the windows in the count's lair?
5. What is the count looking for at his archeological dig?
6. How did Boba get himself out of the mucky pond he was stuck in?
7. What happens to distract the count from questioning Boba?
8. How does Boba feel about the Jedi?
9. Why are the clone troopers so much like Janga Fett, Boba's father?
10. What is Candaserri?
11. What is a padawan learner?
12. What is special about Garr?
13. Where are Boba and Garr when they finally find the bridge?
14. After the alarm sounded, how long did Boba and Garr have to get back to the ship before the jump to hyperspace?
15. What did Boba use as a jet pack to push him back to the ship?
16. How did Boba know that the orange light was a ship and not a star?
17. Why is Aurra Sing following the Candaserri?
18. What did Glynn-Beti do on Bespin that made Boba nervous?
19. What does Aurra Sing offer Boba in Cloud city?
20. How long are the days on Bespin?
21. What does Aurra Sing think Boba did to betray her? Who really did it?
22. Who is driving the Slave I during this chapter?
23. Why does Boba need Aurra Sing to help him get Jango's treasure?

Vocabulary/spelling words: custodial, toxic, visage, provisional, salvage, noxious, revulsion, deterred, self-sufficiency, maneuver, temporary, chronos, facilities, prohibited, atmosphere, security, unbelayed, generators, industry, flotillas, solitary, identity, polyglot, muscular, scrim, exotic, amorphous, ambush, reinforcements, sentimental, unaltered.

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  1. Thanks for the link, Lydia, but I fear you have been misinformed. Meatbrain and Terry Bisson are not the same person. I am an admirer of Mr. Bisson's work, but that is as far as the connection goes.

  2. Curse you, Wikipedia!

    *shakes fist at sky*

    Okay, I'll leave the link but fix the reference. :)

  3. My boy is really into Star War legos right now as well. He is younger and doesn't read yet, but we are searching for some new bedtime story material. Since dh is a big Star Wars fan, this could be just what we are looking for.

    The questions are great btw. I especially love the vocabulary. I can just picture how people would react if my boy used some of those words. :)

  4. Anonymous10:11 AM

    The count's 2 names are Tyranus &
    Dooku. The windows were paintings!
    "Toxic" means bad to breathe in?

  5. My son read the Boba Fett books around your son's age! Anything that gets the boys reading, says I.

    We also loved the Magic Shop books by Bruce Coville. Titles include "Jeremy Thatcher Dragon Hatcher" and "The Skull of Truth." They are really good. Bruce has a couple of websites and he is very good at responding to fans.
    Peace and Laughter,