Sunday, March 30, 2008

And of course.... they're homeschoolers!

Another homeschooling family makes the news for child abuse.

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  1. Of course she is! and you know the media is going to hi-light every story they can find about abuse in home school because their agenda is the same as the California courts, shut down home schools and get those kids into public schools where we can spend years indoctrinating them to be good little citizens who do whatever we say. Yea... No thanks.

    you may think I'm nuts now... but look at the education platforms of the nominees.

    Barak wants infants in school. That's what his website says, check it out.

    Hil will make universal preschool mandatory. She says "she will invest heavily in proven strategies to get all children ready for school, including: ...Quality child care and Head Start, Pre-kindergarten for all four-year olds."

    and McCain, even though he seems to be the best choice for protecting our freedom to educate our children as we choose...
    I don't trust him because he is a dem in republican clothing. If they give him something, ie universal preschool, he's likely to sign it. Ugh.