Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Homeschooling is Another Culture?

Celeste at Life Without School has an interesting take on why homeschooled kids who transition back into public school have a hard time with teachers who expect them to be more like transfer students, when in fact she postulates they're more like foreign exchange students.

Can I just say that I've recently discovered Google Reader and I can't believe how marvelously easy it was to set up and how convenient and perfect it is to use? Now, instead of missing out on my friends' blog posts, or falling behind on blogs I like to read, I can see exactly what's been updated and it comes right to my reader immediately. I resisted using a reader because I was all, "Oh, I like to see the blog posts in their context, not in some inbox." In reality, though, that meant that I was missing out on a lot of posts, or spending a lto of time travelling around to blogs that hadn't been updated, using my bookmarks or blogroll. Google Reader lets me divide all the blogs into categories, so I can click on "Book Blogs" and see every post that's been updated in that set, or I can click on an individual blog and see all the most recent posts. The coolest thing is that it tells me how many new posts are in each category with a (1) or (48) or whatever, so I can see where the activity is. It's like an aerial view of my personal blogosphere. And I can click on any post I want to comment on, and open it in a new tab, no problem -- then there's the context I was talking about. So, GET GOOGLE READER! You don't have to know the RSS or XML address -- I just put the regular blog URLs in the "New Subscription" field and it located the feed for me. It's a no brainer.


  1. thanks for the heads up about Google Reader. I've just started using it. FYI, the link to Celeste's article is broken.

  2. I am delurking to tell you thank you for turning me on to Google reader. Your post gave me the inspiration to finally weed through my 'bookmarks' and plug them into the reader. This has saved me so much time, I can't stop marveling over it.

    I found your blog from a message board and check back now and again since my girl just started violin. I am in awe over your boy's mad violin skills! Just suffering through squeaky 'twinkle, twinkle' here.