Sunday, March 09, 2008

Edeline: A Story by Sadie

One day there was a boy named Crash Bandicoot. He was looking for his sister and they were bunnies. And then he was telling them to go to bed because it was night time. He was so sad because he thought they were at Connecticut. But they were not! THey were just on the sofa! Then they were sleeping on the sofa, but they thought they would just take a bath in their bed! But they just kept sleeping in the sofa. But Crash pulled them off and put them to bed. And he sleeped next to them, and he was all covered up, and the bunnies didn't want to be covered up, but that wasn't a good idea. Then he woke up, and then felt something difficult and it's a BALLERINA. And every ballerina just woke him up! Then he felt girlish. Then he was so angry. Crunch Bandicoot was so angry that he could only make somebody die. Then Crash Bandicoot said, "WHOA" Because the bunnies would not wake up. Then he have that thing on, then something happened. There was a war! Then a spaceship went up and just landed right on Crash Bandicoot! Then he said, "WHOA!" Then Benny just beat the ship up, because the ship just beat him. Then he just said, "WHOA!" Then the bunnies just came jumping up on his nose. Then he was sleeping, then he snored. The End.

[Note from typist mom: I asked her to name the story, and she named it Edeline, which is what she names everything, from bug stickers to dolls to apparently works of fiction. Mysterious.]


  1. LOL! I love that story. And the name. She could have gone with something simple, like Jane or Alison, but Edeline shows that it has originality!
    My favorite part was when he woke up and felt something difficult and it's a BALLERINA. LOL!

    ryc - You are welcome to use the fountain picture! I'm sure the photographer will be flattered. As soon as I figure out who that is.

    Peace and Laughter,

  2. Sadie shows great promise. I'm with Cristina, the something difficult part was hilarious.

  3. It is SO SO disappointing when you think you are in Connecticut but you are only on the couch. I feel the pain of the brother.

    Edeline is a fabulous name! It's fun hearing the names that kids grab hold of and don't let go. Irene had Calia Balia - and of course, Shainda (we still have Shainda). Rhys has glommed onto Harry. Harry is a pteradactyl and is his best friend. Harry knows all. Nearly every new stuffed animal that comes into the house is Harry. Or Herron (Harry's brother).

    I can't believe how grown all of these children are getting. It's cruel. don't they know that? And know what else is cruel? the fact that scotty can't just beam us to your house (and visa versa).