Sunday, March 16, 2008

Google Doodle: A Great Contest for Homeschoolers Too

Both of my kids are entering the Google Doodle contest! Google Doodles are the drawings that modify the logo on special days like, for example St. Patrick's Day which is tomorrow, or more obscure dates like the 50th Anniversary of the discovery of DNA. Google is having a contest for kids to design their own doodles. Go to the Doodle for Google contest page to find out about it. This is right up Benny's alley, as he enjoys making fonts. Here are a few of his potential entries:

The theme was "What if...". Each entry needs an accompanying statement of 50 words that describes the doodle as it pertains to the theme. Here's Benny's for the doodle above:

What if a kid did a man's job one day? The kid would have to do all the business. This would be called "Extructive Working." Extructive means taking over for somebody. "Extructive Playing" wouldn't be so good. That would be when a man was playing like a kid.

Here's Sadie's doodle and her statement:

What if a kid visits the dinosaurs? "What would happen?" said the big dinosaur. And then the little dinosaur said, "The little boy is hungry." Then he got more hungrier. Then he got big, and and bigger. The rain just stopped. And then the little boy was drinking the rain.

Benny did several others. He can only enter one, and he had a lot of trouble choosing between them all.

This is the one he finally decided to go with:

What if we had a holiday when a lady gives birth to a baby. We would call it Baby Day. Baby Day is different from birthdays. We're celebrating the lady giving birth. We're congratulating her so she will feel happy on her first day with her new child. That's Baby Day!

I liked the "Extructive Working" one myself, but it came down to those two and I let him pick, obviously.

If you are Shez or Veronica: I registered "Little Blue School" as a school, and they gave me six ID numbers, so I printed out entry forms and consent forms for your kids, and templates and lesson plans etc. for you too so when I see you we'll chat about whether you want to do it or not, since clearly I've decided you do! Heh.

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  1. LOL on the note. I was about to follow the link when I saw it. Yes please, it is right up our alley. Sadie's dyno is hilarious. It looks like a penis with legs.