Sunday, March 02, 2008

Egg Drop Contest at the Virginia Air and Space Center 2008

Great day. Good times. Lots of homeschoolers rocking the museum with awesome engineering. Here are some pictures and videos:

Benny and Sadie after their drops. Benny won second place in the two-egg parachute category at 114 grams with both eggs surviving the fall. He also won the prize for the most creative entry in that category:

Here's Sadie with her contraption, which failed to protect its egg. Video of her drop is below:

You can here somebody speculating that she's 18 months old. She was dressed up as a fairy and her egg was pink and sparkly and frilly, but darnit she's in PRESCHOOL! :)

My entry was "Egg Drop Soup" and it did not protect its egg and did not win anything.

I didn't get any pictures or video of Benny, partly because I pushed the wrong button during his drop and ended up filming my collarbone for like 5 minutes. So ironically the one in the family who built a successful contraption and won prizes did not get documented!

However, I do have video of our friends Zoe and Ben. Zoe won in her category for the lightest successful contraption! Very cool.

Here's Zoe's drop:

And Ben's drop:

So I did get *some* good video! Just not of my own children! :) :) I was proud of all the kids in our little group: Josh, Austin, Zoe, Phillip, Ben, Shira, Benny, and Sadie. We were all very good sports, supporting each other, cheering and hollering, and celebrating physics. It's such an awesome event, because little brainy smart kids get to receive hoots, cheers, and yodels just like the football players. I deeply enjoy myself every year at the Egg Drop contest. It is a great experience for the children and the adults alike.


  1. Yay, Benny! Yay, Sadie! Way to go, guys!

    I wish we had events like those going on around here, William would LOVE them. Unfortunately, we're on our own for experiments and stuff. Well, not really unfortunately, we still have fun. :)

  2. Yippeee for the brainy crowd! That sounds like a super-cool way to spend the day.

  3. thank you for writing so evocatively. I now no longer feel so sad about missing it. I feel like I was at the event.

    BTW, you need to blog more. I rely on your posts to relieve my current, enforced boredom.

  4. That is a red winged blackbird. :)