Saturday, March 15, 2008

Vagina Monologues: Not Your Typical Homeschooling Outing

Okay, we didn't take the children to see The Vagina Monologues. And we didn't wear our denim jumpers. We considered, but none of us had any denim jumpers to wear. It would have been funny, as we were sitting in the front row:

We did snicker at a lot of language that would have been inappropriate for our children:

But we did not purchase or ingest any chocolage vagina pops.

It was interesting watching the people who were watching the show. There were men there, middle aged men, silver of hair, forced of smile, indulgent. There were lesbians, hetero couples, young men wearing kind of flamboyant scarves. We were sitting, as I said, right in the front row. When the actress came around pointing in people's faces and encouraging the audience to join her in reclaiming a synonym for vagina that you will not find in a medical textbook, she was pointing at us. The first time, we sat primly. The second time around, she went behind us to the second row, having marked us up as hopeless. Then at the last minute, she came back to the front row, BAM.

There was a woman in the row behind us who was just screeching, screaming with laughter, practically turning inside out during the monologue about the girl who goes to the "vagina workshop." This was one of the best moments in the show, very self-aware, smart, and making affectionate fun of exactly the kind of thing that I was worried the show would be full of. So, this woman behind us was dying with laughter over that piece. Then the next time that actress had a monologue, it was about a rape victim in Bosnia, raped for 7 days by six soldiers. During this scene, someone in the back row had a cell phone that was beeping or something. As if he was texting. This woman turned around and growled at him to turn the phone off, turn the phone off NOW. She really meant it.

Here's our HOAMSKUL CRUE with one of the actresses, nay, one of the vagina warriors who performed tonight. That's me, Lydia, and then Shez, and Danielle, and Colyn. The actress is in the middle front row. She was the one that made me laugh until I cried. It was a very, very funny show. Some serious moments, some quiet times, but lots of explosive laughing. I think we all enjoyed it very much.

So it was an interesting evening. I'm glad I have friends I could go see this with. And I'm glad these people came here to Norfolk to put on this production at the YWCA. Everything about it exceeded my expectations.

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  1. what fun for you all!! i loved the picture of the vagina pops on the moblog and i had fun trying to figure out where you'd gone.

    and, my dearest, are you doing lizard brain? b/c you have clearly lost weight and are even more beautiful than you were before (and that's hard to do). i'll bet that your arse is smaller than mine! you should come to sparks so we can measure and compare!