Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Pizza Hut Book-It Program: Oh, yeah, it's ON!

Benny is participating in the Pizza Hut Book-It program. His goal for October was to read 10 books to himself. This goal was set during the days when he could get through one or two chapters of a storybook per night before flipping open the space books and mooning over pictures of Ion and Europa. In fact, during October he read thirty books: the first one was Jacob Two-Two and the Hooded Fang which we read together, alternating chapters, and the rest being Magic Treehouse books. Today was designated the day of the celebratory pizza party, where Benny could march into Pizza Hut with his little reward coupon and earn himself a little pan pizza while the rest of us leap about in a proud, congratulatory way.

The day began in a grey and rainy way as we set out for the violin school with our arms full of violins and dolls.

Both of the children had GREAT lessons, due to the miraculous concentration and boost in the practicing energy this week. Then it was time to go to Pizza Hut, where we were meeting Dad, Ahno, and Ahno's most recent project, Genesis.

The children were, for a change, very hungry and ready to eat. Our waitress said that she had participated in the Book-It program in its first year, when she was in kindergarten.

Here's Benny savoring the sweet, sweet taste of literature:

After lunch, Benny took his empty plate back up to the counter and thanked the bored, irritated crew in the back for having the Book-It program and giving him a free pizza. He vowed to their unlistening ears that he would "keep reading NONSTOP UNTIL I DIE." We also thanked Ahno for buying the rest of us lunch. And we thanked Mary Pope Osborne once again for giving Benny the will to read.

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  1. Good job reading, Benny! We are just about to earn our first little pizza here at our house.