Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Epcot Wednesday

I thought when we went to Epcot that we might have "been there, done that" last year, and that we could get quickly through Futureworld and arrive in the World Lagoon before sundown, for once. I was wrong.

Benny waiting for Test Track:

Cinderella and Dan at The Living Seas:

Benny and Dr. Nigel Channing:

Benny and Minnie:

Benny takes a great deal of joy in meeting the characters. He gets SO excited, it's almost mystifying. I haven't figured this out yet. The lady who was taking his picture here for the PhotoPass said, "That's the smile of a boy who's having the time of his life." Yes.

Cinderella operating a musical robot:

Dan and the kids playing a 3D "surgical training" game where you had to pick up and place organs and bones correctly on an operating table. Very cool.

Innoventions was fantastic -- much better than I remembered it. Here's Benny decorating some paper that he made at a little paper-making station:

Sadie building a robot:

After you build the robot, you run and jump on footpads to drive your robot through an obstacle course. Here are Sadie and Benny doing that:

By the time we got to the World Lagoon, it was dark already. It seems I didn't take any pictures there -- but the fireworks were fantastic, and we found a very good place to watch them this year. Hooray!

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