Monday, November 26, 2007

Flat Sadie Has Hair

Long ago, in a unit study far away, we made "blank kids" that we decorated with labels for body parts, bones and organs. Here's my post about this anatomy lesson. While Benny labelled his, but Sadie befriended hers. We called her "Flat Sadie" and dressed her in Sadie's clothes. She sat around, waiting for someone merciful to give her some hair.

So, for a year, Flat Benny has been lounging around upstairs and flat Sadie has been bemoaning her baldness. This week I'm for some reason motivated to clear off some unfinished things on my sewing table, and one of those things is represented by a single ball of very pink yarn that Sadie picked out a few months ago for Flat Sadie's hair.

If you have sewed on doll hair, you know what a pain in the rhinoceros it is. If you haven't, may you never have to go through this kind of agony. Yarn by yarn, stitch by stitch, I forged the chains I wear, Ebeneezer. And then, it was half done, and Sadie said, in her tiny little high mousey voice, "But Mommy, I want Fwat Sadie to have haiw just like ME. With a ponytaiw!" So, she got a ponytail.

The baby's happy. Did I mention that she gave up her binky? Yeah, she could pretty much ask for ice cream at every meal and get it, this week.


  1. Just looked at your past post about the anatomy project, and I want to say--that's awesome! I might have enjoyed biology if someone had let me do that.

    I've been lurking for months, and this is my first comment, so I'll also go ahead and say thank you for taking the time to post what you're doing. It's really inspiring. I don't have kids yet, but these are all great ideas for me to think about.

  2. such a lucky girl to have you. i'm not sure i'd have the patience to sew that much hair!