Sunday, November 04, 2007

Meet the Robinsons Makes No Sense

My children are right now watching "Meet the Robinsons" for the fourth time, and I finally now grasp the plot. What's wrong with this movie? I'm 35 years old and I have a graduate degree in English literature. How anyone under the age of 13 is supposed to follow this movie while sitting in the theater is completely beyond my grasp. I'd summarize the plot for you, but it would take too long, and also I might get it wrong. Let me just say: Time travel. You know? Time travel.

Then there are the many, many, many characters:

Characters in the past, characters in the future, characters in the weird alternate future that has to be rectified... characters on top of characters. I still don't know who that lady with the skyscraper hat is, or the big kid in the chair. But who cares -- it's Disney! They can do anything they want and kids will love it, right?

Actually, RIGHT. Both of my children love it. They had no idea what was going on at first, but they are slowly processing it. Yesterday at the playground they spent a long time playing time travel on one of the climbers, with Benny explaining in depth about how the future and the past are connected, and spinning out various scenarios to illustrate his points, and Sadie nodding sagely and lying down to pretend to travel someplace where everything was pink. They engaged with the movie. They truly, truly liked it. I cannot for the life of me get how this happened, but, it happened.

This is kind of like coming to terms with "Chicken Little," which to me was a frenetic, glaring mess, but to my children was hilarious and engrossing. In fact, that movie and this one have much in common, including the vast array of characters, the laffy-taffy colors, and the kid who wants to succeed in baseball. I guess at times like this I just have to shrug and say, "Whatever" and wait for this infatuation to pass. This is good practice for ten years from now when they're deeply in love with whatever awful (to me) music is popular then. Whatever, dear, whatever. Eat your peas.

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  1. I'll have to have my 14yo watch it and explain it for you. Time anomaly is one of her favorite topics. It just gives me a headache. :o)
    Peace and Laughter,