Saturday, November 17, 2007

Goodbye Magic Kingdom

Today was our last day in the parks. For the first hour, we had the place practically to ourselves, but then it became incredibly crowded, and we were so glad we'd jumped around to all the rides we really wanted, while it was still lonely and fast. Also, we used a lot of fast passes and rider switch passes. Benny was on an urgent hunt for Hidden Mickeys, assisted by his guidebook:

Here he is finding on in the Snow White ride's entrance:

The Haunted Mansion line was longer than we've ever seen it. Here's Benny pretending to be afraid of the line:

As for Sadie, she was just happy to be on the carousel:

The coming week is going to be huge here. I'm glad we're on our way home today. We're going to stop at the Lego Imagination Center in Downtown Disney and also the Build Your Own My Little Pony kiosk in the big toy store there. Both of those experiences were highly recommended to me during the last week by other parents. After that we're on our way home. Not a moment too soon -- I think we all need a week to recuperate.

Benny at Woody's cowboy camp:

It was a fun week, but an exhausting experience being led around by two adorable children with boundless energy and a wealth of interesting ideas for what to do next.

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