Saturday, November 10, 2007

Just One Delta IV Rocket Before We Go to Disney World...

Last night Dan realized that there was going to be a rocket launch from the Kennedy Space Center down here at NASA in Cape Canaveral. So, instead of going straight to Orlando, we decided to take a detour. We are total rocket launch dorks. Tonight we are staying in Cocoa Beach, FL and in about an hour we will be on the beach watching the rocket go up! WHOOSH! ROAR! TREMBLE! ETC!

Driving over here on 528 we saw the NASA buses driving people around:

And we saw pretty Florida water:

No rocket yet, but we are going to change that, right now. And tomorrow we're going to the Kennedy Space Center for more nerdy joy.


We saw it from the beach -- it was fantastic. Here is a terrible video that gives you absolutely no idea how cool it was:

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