Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Top Homeschoolers to Follow on Twitter: The Homeschool Twitterati

Why do so many homeschoolers use Twitter? Maybe we are all undersocialized! Here is a guide to The Homeschooling Twitterverse, ruthlessly categorized by me:

Homeschool Dads
@martin_deveau (Scouts, 9 kids)
@darthdilbert (Christian, Nascar, Army)
@williambrockett (Navy, Geocaching, Chess, Tech)
@jimmiekersh (Conservative, Reformed Theologian)
@scotters (Conservative, Techie)
@circlereader (Christian, Human)
@chrisod (Netizen, Techie, Evolved Homeschooler)
@JayRyanAstro (Freelance Patent Agent, Astronomer)
@homeschooldaddy (HS Dad who actually teaches)
@120pagemonster (Screenwriter, Buddhist)
@Homeschooling (Aerospace Engineer)
@dcobranchi (Liberal, Secular, Evolved)
@stranahan (Writer, Artist, Huffington Post)

@txskirt (Christian, TCOT)
@MrsCarrington (Infrequent Tweeter)
@vansadil (Technophile, Geocacher)
@AttachedToSix (Catholic, Organics)
@HomesteadMommy (Homesteading, Sewing)
@RebPasWife (Lutheran, Funny)
@Stubborn_Facts (1776!)
@kathymckinney (Self Proclaimed Rightwing Redneck)
@mcgburson (Christian, Southern)
@infertilitymom (Christian, writer, was homeschooled)

@lostcheerio (This is ME! I am great! Follow me!)
@gillian_s (Organic, Green Living, Knitting)
@unschool (Sweet Tweets)
@summerm (Home-Birthing, Feminism, Breastfeeding)
@nomad_chicken (Tweeting HS travels in Southeast Asia)
@BoondockMa (Homesteading, Green Living)
@VegHeadPez (Buddhist, Karate Mom)
@mrsstranahan (Funny, Irreverent)
@coffeehound (Reader, Tutor, Coffee)
@jlwf (Writer, homeschooling 4 boys, Blogger)
@califmom (Cancer fighter, Adult language, Blogger)

@mrshannigan (Suite 101 Feature Writer)
@bonnyglen (Author Melissa Wiley)
@TammyT (host of Homeschool Writers Chat)
@TravelMaven ( Travel Writer)
@KristyTolley (Travel Writer, Kids Book Author)
@chrisworthy (Freelance Writer, Crafter)
@ClassicaScholar (Amazon Entrepreneur)
@AmandaBinTN (Unit Study Author)
@eeeegads (Twitterphile)

@sawickis (Deals, Freebies, Saving $$)
@chelseajohns (Parenting)
@LacysWife (Lots of links)
@militantmom (Catholic, Writer, Reader, Funny Person)
@ElizbethChannel (Autism, GFCF, Quirky)
@fivejs (Piano Teacher, Reader)
@GratiaeUtDeus (Catholic)
@belleterra (Gardening, Sewing)
@kristi_runwatch (Bible Blogger)
@pianosteve (Podcasting Outside Institutional Religion)
@KarinKath (Cooking, Parenting)
@MamaArcher (Quiverfull)
@MrsStrick (Cheerful Tweets, Knitting)
@jacque_dixon (Quiverfull, Modesty)
@kidzanddogs (Crafting, Michigan)
@farmsteadlady (Gardening, Crafting, Blogging)
@gfcfmomofmany (Gluten Free)
@jaslinn77 (Army spouse, reviews, photos)

Homeschooled Teens:
@super_angel (Power Blogger)
@aponderingheart (Modesty Maven)
@girlygirl007 (Christian Conservative)

Professional Types:
@beverlyschmitt (Preston Speed Publications)
@traciknoppe (Social Media Consultant)
@gemparenting (Parenting Advice)
@WWAHHMpreneur (Business Consultant)
@BathNBeads (Etsy Crafter)
@sophiadare (Etsy Crafter)
@douladeb (Homebirthing)
@spiceoflifedsgn (Etsy Crafter)
@loribourne (Montessori Supplies)
@TeenBizTalk (Business Coaching for Homeschooled Teens)
@VeryVerdant (Etsy Crafter)
@Nodinsnest (Etsy Crafter)
@farmhousemagic (Hand-dyed Silks)
@mrsjberry (Organic Food Depot, Glass Blowing)
@sarahjbray (Web Design, Graphics)
@peggyalvarado (Arbonne Rep)
@lorigouhin (Entrepreneurs at Home)
@marynix (Informed Parent, Elder Care)
@annahawthorne (Artist, Teacher, Writer)
@homeschool (Social Network Designed, Robot Geek)
@katemarais (Curriculum Publisher, Pandia Press)
@momcrafting4fun (Usborne, crafting)
@homeschoolbiz (Homeschool Entrepreneur)

@joannegreco (Adoption, Libertarian)
@sandrafoyt (Blogger, Traveler)
@lapazhome (Unschooling, Florida Keys)
@hahamommy (Family, Outdoors, Liberal)
For an awesome list of unschoolers, go to Tiny Grass.

@principled (Principled Discovery)
@phatmommy (Agnostic, Technophile, Funny)
@color_me_pink (Jewelry, Gadgets, Food)
@sendchocolate (Autism Advocate, Humor)
@campcreek (Project-based HS, Art, Inspiration)
@VeganMamaDotCom (Vegan Cooking)
@sprittibee (Open Source Homeschooling)
@worducopia (Books and Writing Blog)
@nikowa (Knowledge House Academy)
@kim_mcneill (Kim's Play Place, Objectivist, Scientist)
@rationaljenn (Objectivist)
@reflective (Life Nurturing Education)
@mamarati (Gardening, Babies, Food)
@pagesofourlife (Photography, Classical HS)
@thirstyboots (Country, Single Parent HS)
@andrea_r (Eclectic, Canadian,
@hsdistractions (Christian, Young Children)
@lauriebluedorn (Trivium Pursuit, Classical, Christian)
@toomanyhats (Kids in high school, living in Africa)
@amythethompson (Nurse, writer, funny)

Homeschool Resource Sites or Magazines:
@homeschool_mom (Homeschool Rewards)
@homeschoolounge (Homeschool Lounge)
@peahdotcom (Homeschool Curriculum Savings)
@heartofwisdom (Heart of Wisdom)
@mathdaddy (Math Worksheet Wizard)
@julieunplugged (Brave Writer, Cool Blogger)
@HomeSchBoutique (Homeschool Boutique)
@homeschool101 (Successful Homeschooling)
@hsbapost (Homeschool Blog Awards)
@The_HomeScholar (Helping People Homeschool High School)
@Terri_Johnson (Homeschooling ABCs)
@hmhomeschoolers (Very infrequent Tweets from Homemade Homemade Homeschoolers)
@SchoolhseStore (The Old Schoolhouse Store)
@TOSMag (The Old Schoolhouse Magazine)
@Homeschoolsegue (Homeschool Local Networking Site)
@myhomeschoolplan (Homeschool Record-Keeping)
@HomeschoolGuide ( Homeschool Guide)
@homeschoolers (Alpha Omega Publications)
@HOTMonline (Heart of the Matter)
@homeedmag (Home Ed Magazine)
@annzeise (A to Z Home's Cool, Massive Resource)
@homeedforums (Home Ed Forums, Networking)
@unschooledmom (, John Holt)
@ahahomeschool (American Homeschool Association)
@sproutclassroom (Classroom Materials For Sale)

I Do Not Recommend:
@HSArticles (Overuses hashtags promoting her ad-heavy article site.)
@lshiller (Too many self-promoting tweets. He's relentless.)
@homeschoolernow (His site, Magic Learning, has persistent pop-ups.)
@crescentprephs (Purely promotion for this online high school.)

Did you like this post? I slaved over a hot stove all day to make it.

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  1. Thanks for this list! I've found several interesting people to follow.

    ~ @CircleReader (homeschool dad)

  2. Thank you for this list. My kids are publicly-schooled kids, but there's always room to augment (undo?) at home, especially over the summer.

    This summer, I'm going to take some pages from your book. The last couple summers haven't been as productive as I would have liked.

    Finally, I don't understand why I was excluded from your list. I scored a 100 out of 100 on ;)

  3. What a great list! Please consider adding me too. :) (Christian, writer, conservative, was a homeschooled teen but now a homeschooling Mommy)

  4. Thank you for taking the time to make up this excellent list! Also, for including me. I'm honored! :)

  5. Wonderful list and thank you so much for including me!

  6. Wow, I'm impressed! This is a great resource, thank you for taking the time to write it up, and thanks for including me! :-) Here are some others I've stumbled upon: @Stranahan (Huffington Post writer & homeschooling dad), @MrsStranahan, @KateMarais (publisher - Pandia Press) @lapazhome (unschooling blogger), @coffeehound (mom of 4 from Philly), and @LaurieBluedorn (the author & Christian homeschooler).

  7. Hi Lydia! I am following you on Twitter. I am a non-fiction writer and a homeschool mom with two teens. One teen is in public middle school and the other is tutored and homeschooled (more unschooled as she studies what she is interested in - no structure).

    Kudos on the blog!

  8. Thank you for making this list and also for adding me!


  9. Update: I think I added everyone that people suggested. Thanks!

  10. Great list! Thanks for including me because it led me to your blog and I am really enjoying reading it!

  11. Thanks for including me!

  12. What a well-compiled list! Thanks! I'll tweet about it... ;-)


  13. I thought I was already following all the homeschoolers on Twitter, but you totally proved me wrong!

    Tweet you later,


  14. Please consider adding me to your list as a liberal, writer and blogging homeschooler of 4 boys.


  15. Great list!

    Please consider adding me


  16. Thank you for including me! That was very kind of you. :)

  17. Great list! Thanks for putting it together. Anyway to add a section for us unschoolers? If so, please add me to the list....

    Thanks so much!!!

  18. Nice compilation, Lydia! I'll be adding many of these links to my Twitter IDs... And thanks for including a couple of mine on your list!

  19. Thank you for including me! I would also suggest:


    both wonderful homeschooling mamas


  20. :::waving::: another unschoolin' blogger here :)
    Most of the folks I follow are unschoolers, too :D

  21. I made a little post on my site listing the unschoolers on Twitter that I know:

  22. I twitter as well. Christian homeschool mother to four boys and a Army spouse. Homeschool life, educational reviews, reflection, photos... Twitter ID: jaslinn77

    Thanks for the condense list! :)

  23. You can add me. (Pretty please?)

    I'm a homeschooling mom and blogger. You can find me on Twitter at @amythethompson. My blog is


  24. Wow! Great list and thanks for adding me (@LacysWife).
    I'll have to go through it tomorrow -I'm sure there are some I'm not following.


  25. K Odell5:49 PM

    Thank you for making this list and also for adding me!


    Homeschool News Across the Web

  26. many good links I didn't know about! Thank you, this is so helpful to all homeschoolers and I know this took time...(over that hot stove)

    Realized I need to twitter more useful posts...just not enough time in the day it seems.

    If I promise to post really helpful stuff, would you consider adding @homeschoolbiz? Thanks!

  27. Wow - what a great resource! I'm putting together a report for homeschoolers on using twitter. I'd love to include this list and link to your blog! I'll shoot you an email and we can "talk" :-)

  28. Ok, once again I think I'm up to date on adding the people who have asked to be added. I started an unschooling category, but then just ended up linking to the awesome list on, since she did such a nice one!

  29. Thanks for including me, @kim_mcneill. I am glad I followed this link. I was just wondering who else I should be following and found some Twitterers I'll be trying out. Great idea and a wonderful resource.



  30. I just added a bunch of new twits!! :oP

    Add me please? @holisticschool

  31. Thank you so much for this - I randomly round you through a google search and I'm so glad I did. We are homeschooling - though just starting out. I'm anxious to learn all I can about it. I'm @funkyvalentine on twitter.