Saturday, April 18, 2009

Singing Suzuki: Silly Words for Lightly Row

Lightly Row Princess:
Princess says, "Play with me!
At the castle come and see!
We'll ride ponies in the woods
And give them sugar if they're good.
Diamond is my favorite one
Hop on up and have some fun
When we're tired maybe we can
Have some chocolate cake for tea!"

Lightly Row Plant Cell Parts:
Plant cell wall, nucleus
Endoplasmic Reticulum
Vacuoles give shape to cells
And these are all the organelles
Chloroplasts turn light to food
then the mitochondria
Change the food to energy so
Plants can grow up big like me!


  1. You've got me laughing! I found your blog through your comment on Andrea's blog... my kids aren't in Suzuki because there isn't a teacher in our area (can you believe that?) but I took Suzuki when I was little. I will have the Endoplasmic Reticulum version of Lightly Row stuck in my head ALL DAY! (And I really needed a laugh this week, so thanks.)

  2. Yay,yay,yay! Thank you, Lydia :D

    The kids love this version for Lightly Row (Knit Knit and Pua are our cats)

    Twinkle Toes, Dirty Nose
    Twinkle Toes and Dirty Nose,
    They keep playing, they keep digging
    Playing, Digging all day long
    Knit Knit has those twinkle toes
    Pua has that dirty nose
    Playing, digging
    Playing, digging
    Playing, digging all day long

  3. Way too cute! Great talent too :-)