Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Three Things and the RNC

1. How to get this hair style: Cut off all your hair. ALL. Say to the haircutting man, "Take off everything that's ruined and killed" and then watch as all your hair is removed, down to the shy little inch-long roots. Then do NOTHING for six months. After six months, get extremely annoyed and hack off most of the back of your hair in the bathroom mirror with school scissors. Wait one more year. You're done!

2. Sadie is a badass. She had to get three shots today, and she made ABSOLUTELY no sound, not even a peep, not even a gasp, as they went in. Even during the one the nurse said she was doing last because it was going to b-u-r-n (spelling it nervously) she sat there still as a statue, watching the needle go in. Is this good or bad? She is going to be one tough ninja someday. Notice Fluffy the Webkinz in her lap. The doctor examined Fluffy exhaustively while Sadie rolled her eyes.

3. Our rabbit is awesome. When we got this stupid rabbit, I thought it was a whim Sadie was having, and that she wouldn't really play with it or love it. She does both, constantly. I have to say "Put the rabbit up" before we can get anything done around here. She drags it around by its skin, playing dolls with it, riding it in the baby stroller, making it live in the Barbie house, and also just hanging out with it and patting it while watching TV. It is the most patient, dear, un-biting, un-complaining rabbit. I really do not like this rabbit, just on principle. But I'm starting to convert. Here's the rabbit, Giselle, getting a physical from the children.

RNC: Bring on Joe Lieberman! I'm ready to be whelmed. Whelm me, Joe.

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  1. look how cute you are!

    WTG Ninja Sadie! Boo is going to be a Ninja for halloween. She informed me of this whilest rolling her eyes about her previous princess obsession. Hee!

    Naturally, being a mature mother, I said "Ninjas suck, pirates rule!"