Monday, September 22, 2008

Three Homeschool Classes to Consider in Norfolk

Mad Science classes are fantastic, and they are very interested in working out a time that would work for homeschoolers to have a fun, engaging science class with no mess at home and no prep for mom.

These teachers are very gifted, their classes are interesting and effective. My four-year-old daughter is still teaching me the lessons she learned about air currents from Jen and Heath at the science fair last year. She uses the newspaper wrapper to demonstrate. It really made a big impact! If you're interested in Mad Science class for your child, let the powers that be know what days work for you, what times are good, and what you'd like to see happen. Of course they can't accommodate everyone's schedule, but they need to get a sense of what most people want. They want feedback! Email with your suggestions and to register your interest.

Young Chef's Academy is a fantastic and fun way for children to get empowered in the kitchen. Again -- no prep and no mess for you, and the kids get to toss around flour and break eggs. Sarah Horne is planning a homeschool class. She has asked me to give some input on what days and times would be good for the homeschool community. I told her what I thought but I can only speak for myself and give info on the schedules and classes that I know about. Again of course she can't accommodate everyone but she's interested in providing a service to our community and access to classes during school time instead of the usual after school offerings. If you have input, email her:

Norfolk Karate Academy is planning a daytime class for homeschooled children. Again, Bill Odom needs your input on times and days. If he plans the class for Tuesday morning, when everyone is in co-op or at the YMCA or whatever, the class fails and we as a community miss out on a chance to get in our martial arts class in a smaller class size, before the after school rush, when our kids can get more individual attention. This is a wonderful karate school. My child has been involved for four years now and we've been impressed and amazed with the excellence in training and the character and commitment of the owners and instructors. If you'd like to be part of a homeschool karate class in Norfolk, here is your chance to give your input:

If you do email them, please let them know where you heard about the classes, and thank them for their sponsorship of the GUESS Homeschool Science Fair 2008.

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