Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Mark Warner and Glenn Nye in Virginia Beach

Great guys. Inspiring speakers. Smart and dedicated. Plus, they look good next to a kid with orange hair.

Benny had made a sign that said "Mark Warner for Senate!" He had taped it to some newspaper and attached it to two pencils for handles, all without my help or encouragement. It was a cute sign and he was jumping around enthusiastically waving it when Mark Warner arrived at the pre-canvassing rally. Mark Warner reached down and picked Benny up, held him over his head and showed him around so everyone could see his handmade sign. It was pretty cute. Benny was very excited.

We listened to Glenn Nye, a very cool, very young foreign service officer who's served in Afghanistan and Iraq. He is running for Congress against a Republican encumbent with a lot of support around here. I wish him the best. He sounded great, and I felt happy promoting him later when we were out in the neighborhoods pounding on doors for Obama.

Canvassing is not hard. Today there were a lot of chatty McCain voters. One of them had a Boston Terrier. He said in a friendly way that look, Democrats and Republicans can love the same dogs. And I said, in a friendly way, that if his dog could vote, she'd vote for Obama.


  1. Have you heard of a 27 year old guy who's running for mayor of VB? The exec. chef at Mahi Mah's was telling a group of us about him the other day, but I completely forgot his name.

  2. Anonymous11:00 PM

    Do you not realize that Mark Warner is against homeschooling? FYI

  3. Anonymous7:14 AM

    You may think it is cute to have Warner next to your son, but he is a wolf in sheep's clothing. Google Mark Warner homeschooling and you'll find a tape of him. He explicitly states that homeschoolers are a threat to American life. Go ahead and vote Obama and Warner and watch your rights, money and country as our forefathers wanted it slip away!
    Karen Sweeney

  4. He didn't say he was against homeschooling. He listed homeschoolers along with NRA members and the Christian Right as people who have swayed Virginia to the conservative side in past elections.

    Is that not true?

  5. He says that homeschooling is "a threat to what it means to be an American". Warner is anti first and second amendment. Take the time to read the first and second amendments and watch Warner again here:

  6. Anonymous8:46 PM

    Whoever's reading this, take some time to read what "Karen" has to say. From what I can tell, she's the only person on this page with atleast a little common sense. And to this Lydia woman, the conservative man was showing character (something you liberals rarely see) and was being the bigger person. You however chose to take the low road and yes, the dog probably would vote for liberal. You did say this was a GIRL dog, right?