Monday, May 19, 2008

Stockley Gardens Arts Festival

Since Benny was 4 we have been participating in the Suzuki performances at the Stockley Gardens Arts Festival. For one reason and another, we took a two year break from these biannual concerts until last Saturday, when Sadie and Benny played their violins with the rest of the STAHR students in the bright hot Virginia sun.

Sadie wore her special Tuka-Tuka-Stop-Stop t-shirt which I had made specially for her. She loathed it so totally that I had to allow her to wear it over a tutu to get it on her at all. Whatever, it was worth it:

Here's Benny's end of the stage:

Sadie got to play Twinkle as a solo:

And Benny got to play the Bach Double with Mrs. Morton, Pilar, and Monty:

A great experience for them. We loved all of it. Eventually I will get the videos up to YouTube from this show and the recital.

Of course there was also the butterfly face paint and the watermelon ice:

Everything counts in large amounts!


  1. Anonymous9:31 AM

    Is that me?!?!?!?!

  2. Love the blog! My daughter is on lesson 3 of Suzuki tomorrow! She is 4 now and she had to wait just over 2 years until we could find a teacher to taker her at this age! that's a lot of waiting at this age!

    LOVE the ideas on how to encourage practise - i think some of them will start very soon in this household. I only started playing flute when I was 9 - so she still has 5 years on me - and as music grad and gifted player - who knows what will happen when they start this young?

    Will check in to see how things are going preiodically - and to scam some nifty ideas!
    love from Nikki in New Zealand!