Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Folkmanis Puppets: The Best Puppets on Earth

It started years ago in South Carolina. Every time we'd visit the sleepy little coastal town of McClellanville we'd go to this little gift shop that had them most amazing puppets. Shockingly good puppets. The first one we saw was a grey tabby cat that was posed as if it were a real cat sitting in the window. We left with that puppet and also a black and white rat for it to chase. The next year we got the jack rabbit puppet and the llama puppet. The llama pupppet has always been my favorite. Just look at its tassels:

One day Sadie had set up a little tea party for her Folkmanis puppets and was happily, charmingly playing away with her llama and rabbit, etc. I took some pictures and sent them in to the company, with a thank you for making such a nice product. This led to an email conversation over the course of a couple of years with Folkmanis, and when I asked them to sponsor our homeschool science fair, they sent us a big box of puppets. HOW WONDERFUL. I was completely enchanted. Here are the prizes we were able to give, thanks to their generosity:

The Owl Prize for Nocturnal Studies
The Little Pink Noses Award
The Louis Pasteur Prize for Kindness to Sheep
The Flying Squirrel Award for Unusual Thinking
The Red Fox Honor for Colorful Work
The Grey Squirrel Award for Tireless Data Collection

You get the idea. The children were THRILLED with their puppets. Check out how they looked on the prize table:

Awesome, right!? Sadie won the Little Pink Noses Award. Alright, the kind lady at Folkmanis, who first responded to my tea party pictures, had sent the angora rabbit puppet specifically for her! So that was a bit of a foregone conclusion, but she loves her puppet:

Folkmanis Puppets have by far the best animal puppets I have ever seen. They also have character puppets beyond compare. So unusual, so interesting, such an incredible variety, such rich imaginative potential in each one. Big thanks to Folkmanis for sponsoring our fair, and making our youngest scientists so very happy to be involved!

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