Saturday, May 10, 2008

Homeschool Open House at Mariner's Museum

On May 15th, the Mariner's Museum will open its doors to homeschoolers with amazing programs and learning opportunities for adults and children alike.

Check out these programs:

Discover the Possibilities: Complementing Your Education @ The Mariners’ Museum: Learn how your family can utilize the artifacts, galleries, programs, and other resources at The Mariners’ Museum to complement your students’ historical and scientific studies. These 20-minute presentations are limited to 40 adults per session.

Pirates! The Love & Lore: This sample program introduces young students to the lives and adventures of pirates. Typical pirate weapons and examples of the money in use during that time are presented, as well as slides of the pirates and their signature flags. This program is offered every hour, on the half-hour from 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., and is limited to 30 students each. Appropriate for K-4th graders.

Fact or Fiction? Hollywood’s Take on Historical Piracy: Educators examine the ways in which film producers interpret piracy, as well as compare and contrast their inaccuracies to the lives of historical pirates. Older students will examine some of the reasons for piracy and the myths surrounding their lives. This sample program is offered every hour, on the half-hour from 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., and is limited to 30 students per program. Appropriate for 5th-12th graders.

Are these awesome offerings or what? I hope all my little pirates from my pirate class are going to be able to make it. Bless their little deck-swabbing hearts. The Mariner's Museum has shown remarkable interest and commitment to developing value for the homeschooling community, in providing history enrichment, science enrichment, and of course pirate lore! Here's just one example of the museum going an extra mile to facilitate curriculum integration:
The Age of Exploration exhibit comes with a complete online curriculum guide. There's a vocab list, biographies of important players, and check out this activity list with lesson plans and student guides:
Activity One: Create a Compassteachers students
Activity Two: Create an Astrolabe teachers students
Activity Three: Create a Quadrantteachers students
Activity Four: Identify Navigational Instruments teachers students
Activity Five: Identify the Parts of a Shipteachers students
Activity Six: What Would You Take to Sea? teachers students
Activity Seven: Biography Crossword Puzzle teachers students
Activity Eight: Vocabulary Word Searchteachers students
Activity Nine: Create a Globe teachers students
Activity Ten: Latitude and Longitudeteachers students
Activity Eleven: Starving Sailors teachers students
Activity Twelve: Sores, Scabs, and Scurvy teachers students
This is insane! Who does this kind of thing!? I'm just blown away by the materials available to make connections between the schoolwork the child is doing and the exhibits at the museum. Amazing, intelligent, thoughtful work. Thank you so much, Mariner's Museum, and we'll see you at the homeschool open house!

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