Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Trading Brothers Part 1

I guess, if you've reached the astonishing age of six years old, you sometimes just want to kick back with other six-year-olds and reap the fruit of all your maturity. You want to take a day, here and there, when you don't have to give little siblings a turn, or modify games so toddlers can play, or wait for babies to catch up.

That's understandable.

We have very good friends with a little girl Benny's age and a little boy Sadie's age. We have been tossing around the idea of brother-swapping, so the big kids can have some play time together that doesn't involve the afore-mentioned atrocities. Today we gave it a shot. It was great!

We met up for swimming at the YMCA. The big kids went to swim with Veronica, and the little ones came with me to the grocery store. The six-year-olds got to go in the hot tub for the first time, since there were no underage siblings to accommodate, got to play Marco Polo with a parent unhindered by a toddler on the hip, and in general were free to play big kid games at their leisure. Spectacular.

The little ones sat charmingly next to each other in my grocery store cart, and got to pick out all their favorite foods to come home and make lunch for everyone when we all met up later.

Tomorrow we're going to try a further experiment, leaving the big kids to jump on Veronica's trampoline without having to be careful of little people for a while, and me taking the little kids on an outing. Stay tuned.

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