Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Their First Christmas Pageant

The Christmas pageant at our new church is always on Christmas Eve. I call it our new church although we've been going there since Sadie was able to walk. Apparently it still has that new church smell. For me anyway. Anyway, because of the timing of the Christmas show, our kids have always missed it, until this year.

Benny was the lead shepherd. What separates a lead shepherd from a regular shepherd? Well, you get to lead the procession of shepherds, for one thing, and he had a much longer crook. So, I will leave you to interpret that for yourself. Here he is responding to the prompt: "Look like a shepherd!"

Sadie was a little angel. When she processed in, along with a whole gaggle of other little angels, all with their arms up and looking all holy and perfect, I cried. She was so cute.

Here's a picture of the pageant in progress. Not a great image, since it was taken from my phone, but you get the idea. Joy to the world, etc.

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