Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Bach Festival 2008: Suzuki Violin Performance

Benny played with other students from the Academy of Music and Suzuki students from around Hampton Roads, at the Bach Festival, hosted by the Chrysler Museum. Here are a few pictures and videos. It was incredibly wonderful for Benny to have a chance to play with older children, and he really rose to the occasion. Definitely best ever effort at listening, following, and getting into step with the other kids. Seeing him play the Bach Double was very moving for me. I was very proud of him. He has worked very hard, and he also has a beautiful talent. And I love him.

A beautiful setting:

Serious artists:


And Bach:


  1. What a great opportunity for your son - and it sounds like he did wonderful! My daughter plays piano and I just want to explode every time she plays in public. Isn't motherhood amazing?

  2. Awww...I saw that little smile there at the end in the midst of all of that focus! Wow. I am so impressed. I actually cry every time I hear your son play. :)

  3. Benny is such an amazing person, and his violin skills are awesome. We love Benny.

    PS I just posted some photos of him playing too on my flickr account :D

  4. Wowie wow, that's beautiful.

  5. Benny's talent is WONDERFUL - but not a surprise. His music is BEAUTIFUL - again, not a surprise. What was a surprise was his awareness of the people playing around him. He was paying closer attention to the others playing than anyone else on stage was, it seemed to me, and that alone made me want to leap through time and space and shout, "Go, Benny!" at the top of my lungs, even in such a dignified place.