Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Nut has been Crackered

Benny and Sadie had their dance performance on Saturday. It was insane.

The image above was taken by Andi Grant (of the amazing Andi Grant Photography) and shows them wearing their "Drosselmeier and Doll" outfits. Benny was the mysterious Uncle Drosselmeier and Sadie was the ballerina doll that he gives to Clara as a present. We weren't allowed to videotape the show, but here's a video of them doing it at a local nursing home:

Here's Sadie hanging out backstage in her doll outfit:

And Benny hanging out with the boys' tap class, playing Nintendo:

Sadie had her number with her little girl class. They were the mice that come in after Clara falls asleep on the sofa next to the Christmas tree. They come in and do a little mousey dance and then when the bells chime midnight they go into the Alvin and the Chipmunks Christmas song. It was very cute and there was a bit with red garland-covered hula hoops.

Here are the mice:

Here's a clip of the mice performing at the nursing home. There were only three of the girls at this performance but it'll give you an idea:

Here's a picture of the mice after the show:

But who's that guy with the mice? The guy in the white jumpsuit? That's Benny, bringing back his role as Elvis. This time he sang and tap-danced to "Santa Claus is Back in Town" and brought the house down.

The children loved the performance. I didn't get to watch -- I was backstage losing my mind with costume changes and mania. I love, love, love their Drosselmeier and Doll dance, especially Sadie's extended passe and their lift at the end. I wish I had been able to watch that, but at least Dan and Ahno did. I did get to sneak around to the house side and watch Benny's Elvis though. It was pretty spectacular.

Those children really know how to entertain and exhaust a loving parent.

Note: Andi Grant is an exceptionally gifted photographer. I couldn't believe the really excellent shots she got of Benny and Sadie when she brought her studio to the dance studio and set up. She was sweet to the children, fast on the shutter button, and a dream to work with. To see all the pictures she took of Benny and Sadie, go to her Art of Dance gallery page, click on "Dross and Doll." The password is doll. Thank you Andi Grant for your amazing dance photography.


  1. Anonymous2:00 PM

    Benny and Sadie look great! Congratulations to them on their performance.

  2. Anonymous5:27 PM

    I love the look of fiendish glee on Benny's face in the lift picture.

  3. I went to the site. I love the one of the two of them looking so sweetly at each other!! And the one of Sadie with her hands under her chin....words cannot express!

  4. Wow, your kids are amazing. Those tiny pointed little toes on Sadie and Benny's manly strong poses, can't stand it, just can't.

  5. Great pictures, very cute :) My daughter was in the Party scene, Homeland scene and a mouse. Can't wait till next year :)