Sunday, April 13, 2008

A Big Fat Fight Over Unschooling

Wow, check out this post at The New Unschooler (via), where commenters rage and battle over whether the blogger needs to rethink or embrace unschooling. Fifty-four comments including phrases like these:

"Let the woman decide for herself what advice she is going to take instead of trying to convince her that she belongs in your clique instead of with us losers."

Whew!!! I love it. Does this kind of think happen all the time? Reminder to self: Unschoolers make good TV.


  1. We sure do.. that's why the anti-homeschool types always find the most extreme radical unschoolers they can find as examples of what homeschooling is. All that extreme crap is what makes me always qualify that we are "eclectic unschoolers" in that I let them pick the stuff they want to learn about, but we still have to do math. *S* and they do still have to listen to us. Because we are the parents, and we said so.

  2. oh, my goodness, emotions sure are running high on that blog. I find it amusing that people are trying to convince that poor woman to go their way. I agree with Lorraine, we're the parents and the kids have to listen to us. they are not born knowing how to behave, it's our job to teach them. I am no Alfie Kohn fan, I don't think the guy is grounded in reality.