Sunday, April 06, 2008

Benny does Elvis at the "I Love Dance" Competition

Benny informed me this morning after taking one bite of sandwich that he will not be eating peanut butter anymore. According to his book of gross facts (thanks Grammy!) the manufacturers of peanut butter allow 220 bugs. Which, to Benny, seems like too many. Well, it would be, if it were 220 bugs per jar. And I could not convince him otherwise. So he ate oranges. He ate oranges all morning. It was an orange kind of day.

Across the street from the hotel downtown. His oranges. My coffee:

In the boys' dressing room, each child with a DS also had another child looking on. We were imagining what life was like in the girls' dressing room. Hair spray, lip gloss, little rhinestones being applied to the corners of the eyes, etc. In the boys' dressing room it was all about the video games.

Here's Benny posing in his Art of Dance Academy jacket next to the sign which was demanding that fun be had.

Also legislated at this contest: hooting and hollering, and video taping. We were informed that hooting and hollering was not appropriate, because we would not be hooting and hollering for Baryshnikov. My response was that if I were Baryshnikov's mother, I would definitely be hooting and hollering. But they told us if we were caught video taping or using a camera, points would be taken away from the children. So... no video.

His performance was fantastic. Everyone starting clapping along with "Hound Dog" and he winked and pointed at the female judges, Elvis-ing it up big time. He was adorable, entertaining, right on time with his tapping, and right on key with his singing. Amazing. He had no nerves, no hesitation, no mis-steps -- it was really fantastic, if I say so myself, AND I DO. The crowd was very into it -- of course it's a very fun, familiar song, and he was being very hilarious about it all.

Here's a shot of the awards ceremony:

Benny was the only child in the "Song and Dance" category in the 6-8 year old age group. So he picked up a trophy for showing up today, and that was nice. However, they also gave 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place for the high scoring acts across all categories in the 6-8 year old age group, and he placed second overall! That was truly shocking -- there were a dozen acts and he is such a beginner. I'm sure it was his funniness and all the silly gesturing and hamming he did, and also the fact that he was wearing such an AWESOME JACKET. Hehehe. So, his trophy for his category is in his left hand, his second place high score is in his right.

Here's a shot of the Art of Dance kids getting certificates from Miss Monique.

And a picture of Benny and Miss Monique. Not every teacher in the world could have gotten Benny lined up to perform this well today, and not ever person in the world would have wanted to try:

The competition was run by I Love Dance and it was very nicely put together, if a little circumspect for my taste. I prefer to yell and scream and stomp my feet an act foolish in support of little children doing performing arts. However, in all other aspects, it was a charming little gathering. I wish I could post a video of the performance -- I know that I will never forget it. Hilarious, darling, confident, and beautifully executed. Well done Benny!


  1. Anonymous3:20 PM

    Benny's performance was a historic milestone in the progress of the arts through the centuries. It was so hilarious that I'll still be laughing if I live to be one hundred and fifty.


    But no video!!! What a colossal bummer that is!

    I have to tell you, the scene is the same in our dance dressing rooms: girls all a-twitter with making themselves beautiful in every detail, and boys chunked together in small herds over DS's. LOL The girls chat and colour and the boys cheer each other on, and critcically analyze the other guy's progress through the Sinnoh region in Pokemon.

    I saw it again just yesterday while waiting the afternoon portion of the music festival to start. Two of William's little girl friends were sitting in front of us whispering and braiding each other's hair. William and his friend were loudly disussing the "four types" of explosions, complete with sound effects and full-body gestures. And according to William's friend, there are SIX types of explosions, so that didn't help the quietness factor any. lol

  3. Wow, big trophies! It sounds like such a fun time and performance. Your boy has the coolest hair ever by the way, have I said that before? I think it each time you post pics.