Monday, September 03, 2007

More Homeschool for Girls: A Useful Flower Printable

I was doing letter practice with Sadie the other day, and as we were playing around with our crayons and paper, I made this:

Here's how it worked. I put a letter in a box, then she copied it into the neighboring box. When she accomplished this, she got to draw a petal onto the flower. When there were ten petals on the flower, she was done. She loved it.

I liked it too and thought I might like to use it again, so I made a digital version of it for reprinting.

If you click here you can go to a bigger version of the image, that you can print. Make sure you go to Page Layout or Print Options or whatever and choose "Landscape" before you print it out. If you use it, and like it, send me a picture of it! :D

Possible uses:

Letter practice. Copy what Mommy writes, or write the letters yourself in upper and lower case in the two boxes.
Number practice. Copy what Mommy writes, or write the numbers in yourself, twice to 10 or once to 20.
Violin/piano practice. Put the song names in the boxes and color the petals for every song you do. Choose ten boxes to practice.
Task list. Put 20 possible jobs in the boxes and let the child choose 10 to accomplish for the week, for each job accomplished fill in a petal.
Schedule for the day. Make a list of everything, everything, everything you're going to do today in the left boxes. Have child fill in the right boxes with everything she wants to do. Each put five top priorities in the petals.

Happy Labor Day

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  1. Anonymous1:33 PM

    this! i wonder what i can do for the boy child (though he'd probably be fine with filling in petals). Perhaps i could make one with a rocket ship? or planets? or, hmmm, what kind of star wars thing could i use?

    thank you for the idea!!!


    btw - it says rob - but it's really kristen