Saturday, September 22, 2007

Sadie is Funny


Sadie and Benny were playing in the bathtub. Benny was pretending to give the bubbles voices and they were talking to her and playing with her. This all went along fine until she looked up at me suddenly, stricken with fear, and said:

"Mommy, do NOT put these bubbles down the DRAIN because they might DIE!"

So, we left them in the tub. I emptied it later.


We were walking back to the van after six hour of hiking around Colonial Williamsburg absorbing historical information. I had no idea where I had left the van. So I said I was going to let the van find us, and I was clicking the keys to lock it so it would beep. Sadie, stomping along earnestly, said:

"Mommy, do NOT make the van find us because I will find the van all by myself I will show YOU where it is and THAT is the end of my tiny little story."


Benny and Sadie were playing and Benny was fighting the evil Shawan, his imaginary nemesis, and Benny said that Sadie had to help him fight Shawan, or else he (Benny) would die! And Sadie said:

"Benny, you know, deep down in my heart, I will never let that happen!"


This morning when Dan got back from his bike ride, we went to IHOP because the cleaning ladies were in the house and the children were uncleaning whatever they cleaned, the minute the cleaned it.

Sadie: I think we should go to Dairy Queen, because I'm really hungry for ice cream!
Me: Wow, really?
Sadie: And then I am also very, very hungry for fries.
Dan: So you want to stop at Dairy Queen and McDonald's, on our way to IHOP?
Sadie: YES!
Dan: That sounds like a lot of restaurants for a tiny little girl who doesn't eat anything.
Sadie: Yes, but I have a BIG GINORMOUS tummy!

Then we went to IHOP and she ate about 1/8th of a pancake. Silly girl.


  1. How sweet. There little worlds are so real to them.

  2. I love the things kids say.

  3. Anonymous8:44 AM

    Sadie is becoming as rarely exotic as Benny in her own cute and crazy way. What rich squirelliness.

  4. LOL! I hear things like this from my five year old. How do they come up with these ideas?

  5. I once had a little girl who said funny things like that....being the firstborn, she actually has a baby book filled with her cute sayings. Now she's about to turn 24....where did the time go? BTW, she's still delightful :)