Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Latin Club Week 2

This is a class report for week 2 of my Latin class at Homeschool Out of the Box co-op. Our textbook is Latin for Children Level A.

In class:

Meet and greet. I collected homework and we took the quiz. We discovered that not only do we have two different versions of Latin for Children, we have *three* different versions. So, there were extra questions on the new edition's quiz, and that was a problem. What's going to work best for those who are using books purchased last year or before is to photocopy your own quizzes or leave them blank when possible. For today, the kids collaborated and we got through it. Turning in homework was also complicated due to the difference in pagination and the fact that the "Derivative Worksheet" seems to be a new feature.

Chants. We took turns leading the chants from chapter 1.

Songs. We worked on "Ballad of the Latin Verbs" and "She Will Be Latin" and also learned the first section of Dona Nobis Pacem. We discussed ecclesiastical pronunciation in the context of the word "pacem" and contemplated the nature of the soft C.

Stamps. We all successfully got our amo/amas/amat/amamis/amatis/amant chant right and received our very first stamps. We practiced the chant for next week: -o/-s/-t/-mus/-tis/-nt. We said it like mice, like bears, like princesses, like opera singers, like wind. We went around the room and each had a chance to say the new chant in a different strange voice. This was hilarious, especially Martina and Travis doing the voice of Stitch. We all roared and laughed and I, perhaps ill-advisedly, vowed to learn the Stitch voice. The kids could practice their chants in silly voices at home -- I'm hoping someone will do a good Donald Duck. Doing silly voices takes the focus off perfection and encourages them to make the memory work more automatic, less stressful.

Flash Cards. We showed some of the flash cards we have made and guessed the meanings. The students should make five more, verbs or nouns or whatever, and we worked on them in class a bit.

Assignments. Because of the confusion with the different editions, and because I don't want anyone to have to tear pages out of their books that might have important stuff on the back, I'm going to leave it up to you to decide what page you can turn in next week. You can turn in a page from the Primer or the Activity Book, whichever is easier. If you want to turn in a photocopy, that's fine too. I would like each child to turn in something each week -- exactly what you decide to turn in is up to you.

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