Wednesday, October 29, 2008

McCain Voters on Parade

Warning: Do not play this video if you have children present, unless they're mature enough to handle expressions of aggressive racism, death threats, and hate. I'm not sure how I would explain these people to my kids -- so they won't be watching this one.

Republicans want to label Obama as a terrorist because "You are who you associate with." I know all Republicans aren't racists, and I'm sure that you, reading this, feel grossed out too. However, as you call Obama a terrorist because he spent time with William Ayers, maybe you should look around yourself at that rally, on your blogroll, in your church, and think about who you are associating with in this campain. I know that I wouldn't want to associate with these people, at all. Wouldn't want to hold the same sign in my hand, wouldn't want to cheer for the same candidate, wouldn't want to attend the same rally. The most chilling moment: the man who says "When he gets in the White House..." and then makes a gun with his hand and simulates shooting. I also feel utter disgust for the sickening man in with the "Democrats for McCain" sign who says, "I could never vote for a black man."

Are you proud of these friends of yours, McCain supporters? Proud to add your voice to theirs in support of this candidate? You are who you associate with, right? Are you proud to stand elbow to elbow with these violent bigots? The people in this video are not from a radical group -- not the Klan, not some fringe group -- just a random stream of McCain supporters on their way to a rally in PA.

I would like to think that McCain would condemn all of this. Maybe if he had run as an independent, maybe if he had picked someone else as VP, maybe if he had stayed the man he was eight years ago, instead of bending in so many ways to get that nomination and that conservative support, then he could be proud of his campaign, proud of the votes he gets next week. But I would hope, seriously, that if he looked out of that bus and heard any of these reprehensible epithets -- the threats, the racism -- that his stomach would turn like mine does. How many people will be voting for McCain on Tuesday because they just can't vote for a black man?

Maybe you've got a sincere hope that those disgusting racist votes against a man because he's black will be enough, added to yours, to keep Obama from being President. I hope that they won't.


  1. Anonymous1:39 PM

    It's almost over!!! Great but discouraging post.

  2. Anonymous6:45 PM

    Again with the vague generalizations about McCain supporters.

    I have never said the man is a terrorist. On the flip side, I am sick and tired of being called a racist because I won't vote for Obama. It's got nothing to do with skin color. Hell, he could be purple with pink polka dots, I still wouldn't vote for him because I disagree with him on every. single. issue.

    You say that you feel disgusted because of the Democrat who admitted he wouldn't vote for Obama based on skin color. Does it make you equally disgusted to know that there are many out there who are basing their vote on skin color? Does it make you disgusted to know that there are many who will vote for Obama simply because he is black, and not really because of anything to do with issues?

    My mom can not say who she is voting for at her workplace, because the African-Americans who work with her have already made it clear that they are voting based on skin color. She has been called racist by those she works with for not voting for Obama, despite the fact that she, like me, disagrees with Obama on the issues and could care less what the man's skin color is.

    As much as I dislike Howard Stern, he had a telling man-on- the street interview with supporters in Harlem. (NSFW language warning. It is Stern after all)

    So what do you call it when a person bases their vote on race? Racism. So how come it's only racist if a white person is basing their vote on race? How come it's not racist for a black person to vote based on race?

    And for the record, you can not say that I associate with these people when I've never met them. Unlike Obama, who worked with Ayers for years and lied about him, saying Ayers was "just a person in the neighborhood." (

    But how about you? Do you want to be associated with these two, who maced a McCain campaign office after the workers wouldn't give them Obama signs?( ) Or maybe you want to be associated with the guys who fire-bombed a McCain supporters yard? ( Or maybe you'd rather be associated with the likes of Sandra Bernhard? (

    Please, stop making general assumptions about all McCain supporters because of a few idiots. There are idiots on both sides.

  3. Your response would work better if I was the one saying "You are who you associate with." But I'm not. It's the McCain campaign that wants to call guilt by association. I'm just pointing out your associates.

    It would also work better if the people in the video were isolated freaks who merited news stories of their own, like the ones you mention. They're not -- they're just average people in line for a rally.

    But it would work best if I hadn't *in my post* said "I know all Republicans aren't racists, and I'm sure that you, reading this, feel grossed out too."

    I'm kind of surprised you would use Howard Stern as a source for anything. How many people did he interview to get those few ass-hatted responses? And why is it that when Stern generalizes it's "telling"?

    I didn't generalize. In fact, I went out of my way not to. My post is about the concept of guilt by association, and how uncomfortable it becomes when your own associates have unattractive qualities.

    He sat on an educational reform board with Ayers, who is a professor at UIC. Hey, I used to teach at UIC back in the mid-nineties. Am I a terrorist also? Is everyone in the education department at UIC a terrorist because they don't storm out of department meetings, denouncing the Weathermen? What about the Republicans that served on that board. Terrorists?

    If you want to enforce guilt by association on others, you have to be sure all of your own associations are immune to scrutiny.

  4. Hi again Lydia~
    Interesting post, analysis & commentary. This election has brought out the very worst on each side. Does that mean that I should be associated w/ these people just because I'm a Republican? Lord, I hope not - some of them just sound drunk. Others are certainly acting out of their own fear, which Mr. Obama engenders b/c of the unknowns about him (missing chapters of his life, & valid questions about his associations which have been dismissed almost out of hand). Still, these people are no more my associates than Chad Morrisette of West Hollywood, CA is yours. I give you that latitude, and I think you may be trying to give me mine. My point...we must all be VERY careful of where this vitriol is taking our society. Mr. Morrisette's display has us sinking to frightening new lows in how we view women. (see my post if you'd like my rationale) There are larger issues at play here, than just who wins this election. It's frightening on both sides, and does not bode well for us,I fear, regardless who wins.

  5. Anonymous10:30 PM

    Let's just face you Republicans are all a bunch of evil devils. You are hate mongers and war mongers. Democrats represent sugar and spice and every-thing nice. Time to smell the coffee - your time is over and ours has just begun. Pay your taxes Republican because I need the gas money!

  6. Yes, dear Anon, it's comments like yours that are oh-so-helpful to the kind of dialogue we need in our country. After 8 years of the most vicious attacks on a president our country has ever known (coming from you-know-who)...Isn't it time to lay the hatred down? Come on, really? Is this your only contribution?

    Can't do anything about the dingbats in Lydia's video, but everyone can start w/ the mirror. Your team won. It's sad for me, but I 'get' that part of it is a larger victory for our country in some ways. So it's bitter-sweet for me. Let's not pile on more bitter. Forward We Go.

  7. Hi Susannah,

    This person is some kind of bizarre spammer -- he left about a dozen comments on various posts on this blog, all in the same theme and all under different names of "Anonymous." So, don't let him get to you. ;) I was going to delete the spam but then, I kind of like seeing comments on my posts, even if they're from some crazy spammer!

    And on the same note, thank YOU for commenting, and welcome to the blog! :) :) :)