Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Night Two with the Democrats: Hillary Clinton at the DNC

Who do I love? Hillary Clinton. I love her.

#1. The intro video was completely awesome. I laughed, I cried, I had five more daughters so they could appreciate her awesomeness too. Whoever is making these DNC videos did a brilliant, magical job. I liked Michelle Obama's, I liked Hillary Clinton's, I am all about the mini-documentaries that are like music videos, campaign commercials, I don't know what. Thunderous applause.

#2. Orange is the new black. Hello, I told you this like eight years ago. Approximately the time I gave birth to a baby who sported improbably orange hair. I reiterated this four years later with another orange-headed child. Hillary's orange pantsuit was like a special message just for me. In fact, Hillary and I are now BFFs and I need to go now so I can call her and make plans for shopping. She also wants to mentor me through the rest of my life choices. Which is just so like her, you know?

#3. Hillary's speech was the best I have ever heard her give. It was strong, funny, inspiring, smart, and it was delivered with class and composure. All day long I had been hearing people saying "Hillary has to..." and "Hillary needs to..." You know, like "Hillary has to unify the party!" and "Hillary has to convince her supporters to embrace Obama!" I even heard "Hillary has to apologize!" There was this sense that she was going to pay lip service to Obama while winking at her supporters that she really wants them to stick with her. There was NONE of that. I kept thinking, hearing all this punditration about what Hillary has to needs to must do, and I thought, you know, what if she just gives a badass speech. That is what she did. When she hit the Harriet Tubman part, I was almost on my feet, sitting here in the living room. It was very good. Here's the full transcript.
#4. The parade of governors that lead up to Hillary's speech was so cool! In particular, Brian Schweitzer of Montana. Wow, that guy was awesome! I was ready to buy a car from him. I also enjoyed Deval Patrick of Massachusetts and of course our own dear Mark Warner, who is so smart and original and just exudes confidence and competence.
#5. I am skipping the convention tonight so I can watch Project Runway and go to bed early. I like Bill Clinton and Joe Biden as much as the next girl (well, maybe not) but I need an injection of BRAVO to give me hope for the future, after that lady on CNN broke my heart last night. Did you see her? Post-Hillary Tomorrow we're heading back to Virginia. We'll be watching the acceptance speech on the big screen tomorrow night.

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