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Pendragon Assignments 488 AD

Player 1:

You receive a sealed letter from your father. The handwriting is pretty miserable but it's clear that he wrote it himself. You take it to Gwair, and he reads it to you.

My dear daughter,
It pained me greatly to find that you had left home, but I understand why you did. Your mother told me about your aspirations as a seamstress in the south. I can only hope that you are cutting up lots of fabric, if you know what I mean. I am proud that you have decided to wield the scissors, and hope that you have created many fine garments. I have included a gift for you. I received it from a water nymph with whom I made acquaintance while boating on the Tyne. I give it to you, the better for you to pursue your art. I had the castle wizard enchant it for me so that no one would open it before it reached you. The lock on the case is magical, and can be opened by speaking the answer to this riddle:

What comes through the door without pinching itself?
What lands on the stove without burning itself?
What falls on the table without spilling a thing?

We are hard set about by Saxons here in Northumbria, my daughter. Any news of your safety would be welcome.


Your assignment is to try to open the case, and also to write back to your father. Your letter should have at least 10 complete sentences. You can email it to me, and also print it out or write it out for our next class meeting. If you send me your answer to the riddle, I'll tell you whether the case opens and what's inside.


My dear father,

I am safe and sound. Thank you for your support and understanding in my undertaking. I am an apprentice to a seamstress now. I have made many lovely garments. One was especially large. All the bare threads can be gruesome, but I am learning not to mind. A few months ago a prominent customer came to where I live. He sent me and my comrades to sew for him on a ship. Our vessel is headed towards Northumbria. I hope that soon my sewing skills can be of service to you. I do hope this letter finds you in good health. Please convey my love and good wishes to my mother and sisters.



Player 2:

You receive a letter from your father, sealed with his seal and printed on his private stock of paper that he keeps in his writing desk. You crack the seal and read the letter:

My dear son,

Your mother and I send our regards. I have much news from your home here in the kingdom of Gorre. I do hope you remember where your home is. I have heard the news that Uther Pendragon has died. I must tell you this filled our liege lord with great hope for a glorious invasion of Logres. If it is possible for you to ingratiate yourself with these people and become a landed knight in Logres, it will be very useful to your true king when the invasion takes place. Knowing we have a friend on the inside will be very helpful when the time comes for the kings of the North to unite and conquer all of Britain. then we will show those Saxons who's boss.

Two of your brothers have wandered off to Ireland to become poets. Your oldest brother spends most of his time with his head in a flagon of ale. That "firstborn" birthright might be closer than you think. I hope this finds you well and strong, and that you will find a use for this helmet. It was to be your brother's, but he only seems to want to drink out of it.

Sir Aeron

The messenger is also carrying an iron helm that will add +3 to your armor when you are wearing it. It is very heavy but it fits great!

ASSIGNMENT: Write a letter back to your father. It must be at least ten complete sentences, but you may write more if you like. Email it back to me and print it out (or write it out) for our meeting on Friday


Thank you for the helmet. It's arrival was just in time- I will go off to fight the Saxons in spring. The King is not dead. I know you mean well, but an invasion from the north would cripple us. As I said, I am going off to fight the Saxons. I am loyal to you, but I also must be loyal to my Lord Cadmon and Uther Pendragon. Please, do not attack. Besides, I'm not a knight, only a squire.
I hope things are going well at home. For your comfort, I do remember where I live.
Send my regards to my eldest brother. Also, tell him I've got his helmet.

Player 3:

You receive a letter from your father. The envelope is very weathered and stained, but inside is a clean sheet of paper, carefully written. Obviously he has paid a scribe dearly to have this done. You take it to one of the castle scholars, who is in charge of teaching Lord Caedmon's children to read and write. He lets you know what it says:

Valiant Talorc,
It has been years since we last saw you. Your absence is aging your mother. She can barely lift a bucket. Please send news. Stay fast and low. The armies of the north stand strong and free. Are you a knight yet? Don't be foolish. Uncle Ort fell off a cliff and died. Here is his mace. Fondly, Da

The messenger is also carrying a solid oak mace with a broad, fierce ball studded in nails. It has been carried by Picts in your family for centuries. When you use this mace, you will add +3 to any damage roll. What a great present!

ASSIGNMENT: Write a letter back to your father. It must be at least ten complete sentences, but you may write more if you like. Email it back to me and print it out (or write it out) for our meeting on Friday.


Dear Father,
I'm not a knight, but a knight has taken me on as a squire.I wish I could come home, but I am going to raid the Saxons by sea. When you get this, I will probably be on a ship, but here is 7 Denari to help keep our house running. Please tell me how my brothers are doing, and I want to thank you for the mace. It is in good solid condition, and I am constantly thinking of you. When I finish the raid, I will try to get back to the house. I want for all of you to know that I want to come home. When I do come home, please have all my brothers waiting. I want to talk to them and all my friends. I love you all.

Player 4:

You receive a letter from your father in Ireland. You open it up and get your friend Gwair to help you read it.

My bright son,
I am writing to you because our king is returning to our green homeland and quitting these shores of Britain. Of course I will follow Sir Hort back across the water. He has been faithful to me and to our family, in spite of the fact that we have not always been faithful to him. Yes, I know about the dog. It has been paid for, child, but I will not be telling your poor mother about the way you repay the kindness of our Lord. Trouble is brewing in Britain, and especially in Logres, my son. I pray to the goddess for your safety. Maintain the strength of your beliefs in the old ways, and don't be turned by the new Roman religion. Please write home with some news of your health and adventures so that I can reassure your poor mother and all her sisters, who ask about your constantly.

You forgot this, maybe in the haste of your departure. I thought you'd like it with you.

Best of luck to you,

Wrapped in a cloth you find your favorite griddle. It's special to you because you've ground one side of it into a sharp blade, which you used for chopping vegetables and also chopping up enemies. This weapon / kitchen utensil can be used as an axe, and will give you a +3 bonus to any damage roll.


Dear Dad
I met up in an inn first with Gwair, from Gorre, then Guenon from Northumberland, and Talorc from the Out Isles. The strangest part was that we were all heading to maiden castle because of the news we heard. As you know, I fought the dog, Gwair was the son of a night, going to make his fortune, with an unexpected visit from his older brother, trying to kill him. Talorc fought a deer, then falling unconsious, shortly falling off a cliff. We found a horse trotting down the road with no rider. We put Talorc on the horse, because he was wounded, and we set off to find it's rider. We then found the squire of the knight who rides the horse, a warhorse charger. Gwair went off not trusting the squire. We worked together to find the knight, in which we succeeded. We accepted his offering of the horse, and set off for maiden castle. After a cold hard winter full of traveling, spring sprung it's way into the path in which we were traveling. We met this old beggar who went by the name of Merlin, and he gave us a mission. He gave me a book called the Mabinogion and told me to illustrate the first story. We took him to the fort Bath to drop him off and then we descended into the woods. Not too soon after we entered the deep dark wood, we ran into a bear! It struck me and part of my arm hung off, so I ran away as quickly as I could. The rest came and tried to do first aid on me, and I later healed at an abbe where I attempted to read my first story, the lady of the fountain. Alas, I see a lot of black marks on the parchment in front of me. What do they mean? I went to see Gwair, who was the only person I knew who could read. I found him chatting with Guenon. I then found out that he was a she! I do not have the time to tell my whole adventure. I will continue another day.

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