Saturday, October 10, 2009

Latin Club Week 5

This is a class report for week 4 of my Latin class at Homeschool Out of the Box co-op. Our textbook is Latin for Children Level A.

In class:

Meet and greet. I collected homework and we took the quiz.

Chants. We took turns leading the chants from chapter 1, chapter 2, and chapter 3, and chapter 4.

Songs. We sang Ballad of the Latin Verbs, She Will be Latin, and Dona Nobis Pacem.

Stamps. Great news! Everyone got their stamp today, and the missing stamps from last week were filled in joyously and successfully. There is no stamp for next week, because next week is chapter 5 and chapter 5 is review. There is no quiz either. The children voted to have it be a fun week of games and review and hijinks. So that's what it will be! I am, however, planning to surprise them with an "extra" review stamp, which will be to give the four principle parts of any verb. They should all be able to knock out that one easily.

Games. We played a new game today called Hot Seat. One person sat in the hot seat and we called out nouns for them to decline. If they correctly declined the noun, they got to stay in the seat. If not, the flames consumed them and they were dramatically incinerated. Good times! If one person stayed in the hot seat for five nouns they were liberated and received a hot seat sticker on their folders. This game was very fun!

Memory Work. I found this neat video to help us learn our memory work from the beginning of the Aeneid. This covers the first seven lines. Because we're going to have some time on Tuesday, we're going to work on this assignment a lot, so please have them watch this video.

Assignments. Please do chapter five in the primer and activity book and review all vocab! See you Tuesday!

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