Saturday, August 29, 2009

Emlenton Summer Festival

Part I: Emlenton's Got Talent

Part of the Emlenton Summer Festival this year was a non-competitive talent show called Emlenton's Got Talent. This show took place on the stage in the Crawford Center, which used to be the local school where our family's previous generation of Pennsylvanians went to elementary and high school.

Of course, Suzuki violin students always welcome the opportunity to perform, so Benny and Sadie played their polished pieces.

Sadie playing Andantino:

Benny playing the Veracini Gigue:

The kids made lots of friends and had a great time -- the whole show was very charming, the organizers were very supportive and loving with the kids, and it ended up being a very cute evening.

Part II: Emlenton Festival Duathlon

Dan came up from Virginia for the weekend, and competed in the Emlenton Duathlon. The running half of his team was a high school student from Ohio. They won! Here's Dan's race report, at his cycling team's web site.

Our neighbors also competed. They own and run a maple syrup company, homeschool their four children, and they do biking and jogging in their spare time! That's Alethea on the left with her husband Joseph, and then one of her sisters and one of her brothers, who made up another racing team. Dan's in the middle, completing Team Geiring Road:

Alethea and Joseph won their respective categories -- they both did the running and the biking.

The winning duo, with their trophies:

More of my pictures are here.

Part III: Kids' Bike Races

These bike races were fast, dangerous, and pretty much a disaster for the Netzer contingency. However, I did get some cute pictures:

A wild time in Emlenton.

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  1. Just in case I haven't mentioned it enough, you have adorable talented kids!

    I always wondered, does Suzuki only cover violin and piano? I know many kids who used that method and it looks wonderful, but I can't remember seeing any other instruments taught.

    Peace and Laughter,